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  • and Kevin back with you late breaking news late last night, the MBA through the n B A, and it escalated quickly.

  • This newsagent Jordanovski tweeting shortly after 11 p.m. That the Timberwolves had fired head coach Ryan Saunders just hours after his team lost to the Knicks.

  • 11 minutes later, Roach tweeting again, saying the Wolves had asked the Raptors for permission to try and hire Toronto assistant Chris Finch.

  • Then 17 minutes after that won't again reporting that Minnesota and Finch had finalized a multi year deal.

  • Wow, MBA insider agent Ward Yanovsky joining us now with much more on this story.

  • So how did the dismissal of Saunders and then the hiring of Finch come together so quickly?

  • Last night?

  • Well, Gerson Rose ISS, Minnesota's president.

  • Uh, he had been through having an interim coach in Houston.

  • He didn't love the way that played out.

  • And if he was going to make a change in season, and he decided to do that with Ryan Saunders, he wanted to move quickly to another regime and get a program in place, feeling like he doesn't have time the waist with this Minnesota franchise.

  • He's got history with Chris Finch in Houston, where he was there.

  • Jean Lee, coach and an assistant, uh, interviewed him for the head coaching job in Minnesota two years ago and then moved quickly last night to get permission from Toronto and get a deal done.

  • Meanwhile, Ah, lot of reaction from around the league about how this went down last night.

  • Here's a tweet from Blazers star Damian Lillard saying this.

  • How the hell do you not hire teary Wolves assistant David Vanderpool?

  • He's right there on the bench.

  • He's been in front, off the successfully and on the front of the bench of a winning team, successfully seven years and also has played a major role in the development of a dominant backcourt.

  • S M D.

  • H.

  • Shaking my head.

  • Vanderpool was an assistant with the Blazers from 2012 to 20 19.

  • So, whoa, what's Lillard getting at right here with that tweet?

  • Well, listen, Damian Lillard is right.

  • David Vanderpool is a terrific head coaching candidate in the N B A and Gerson Roses interviewed him for the job in Minnesota that Ryan Saunders kept as the interim coach and then hired him away from Portland as the associate head coach in Minnesota and listen in this league.

  • Players like Damian Lillard and C J.

  • McCollum, the way they've advocated for David Vanderpool, the way you see Spurs players advocate for Becky Hammon or in Cleveland with woman's assistant Lindsay Gottlieb.

  • The way you here, Kevin Love or Collin Sexton talk about her is a potential future head coaching candidate.

  • This is how change will come in the league.

  • This is how assistance, uh, black assistance in particular are gonna help to get opportunities.

  • Darvin Ham and men in Milwaukee Uh, Wes Unseld Junior in Denver.

  • Jamal Mosley In Dallas, there is a group, and David Vanderpool.

  • There is a great group coming up in this league that are going to be head coaches that deserve the chance to be head coaches.

  • And I think players advocating the way, especially Lillard McCollum done a lot of that for David Vanderpool.

  • It's going to help these guys get chances ultimately in Minnesota, for a GM who has got to get this turned around his history Would Finch convinced him that he was the best candidate to help win.

  • Now I know how Gerson Roses feels about David Vanderpool.

  • He thinks he's a head coach in the league.

  • He thought Finch was better for what they needed down.

  • Okay, we will see how this continues to play out the rest of the way.

  • The Timberwolves faced the Bucks tomorrow.

  • Whoa.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN, plus.

and Kevin back with you late breaking news late last night, the MBA through the n B A, and it escalated quickly.

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Woj explains how the Wolves went from firing their coach to hiring a new one so fast | SportsCenter

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