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  • Baker.

  • Mayfield is now in the exact same spot, at least in the trajectory of his career that Jared Goff in Carson Wentz were.

  • Each of them after their third season's got huge contract extensions, and we all know that golf has subsequently been traded to the Lions and whence got bench, then is now on the Indianapolis Colts.

  • And so the question is, if you're the Cleveland Browns, is this a good time to extend the quarterback?

  • Long term?

  • Mike Tannenbaum is my general manager.

  • I come back to you if you're the man making that decision, Are you giving the big deal the Baker Mayfield?

  • Right now, I am not for a couple of reasons.

  • First of all, he's under contract for this year for roughly around $10 million.

  • You exercise the option, and again the cap is going down for next year.

  • So call that around 22 million and then you can franchise in the year after greeny.

  • It's just what we had talked about a couple years ago with Zeke Elliot because he was a first round pick.

  • You have that extra year, so it's roughly about $69 million over three years and Baker.

  • Mayfield has a skill set that is replaceable when you think about guys like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, those air much harder players to replace.

  • So pay as you go, you don't have to take the risk of the guaranteed money like they did with Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.

  • If you're Cleveland, if he ever graduates down the road, you could replace the skill set a lot easier than Buffalo ever could with Josh Allen.

  • I may want to push back on that, but first, let me go to Tim and see if he agrees.

  • What do you think?

  • Tim Hasselbeck?

  • Yeah, I think I generally agree with Mike's premise of having patients with the situation.

  • The thing I would argue against is this under, you know, under Kevin Stefanski is leadership.

  • Baker Mayfield is going to improve.

  • Hey hasn't been a 4000 yard passer yet in his career because the situation in Cleveland had been a disaster.

  • Go look at what Kirk Cousins did in Minnesota with Kevin Stefanski there.

  • You know he's over 4000 yards.

  • He's somewhere between 26 30 touchdowns in 10 or fewer interceptions.

  • He's completing about 70% of his passes.

  • That's what Baker Mayfield conduce.

  • So Baker's numbers, like they were this past year, were up from his previous two years.

  • They will be up again.

  • He's only going to improve.

  • And then at that point, Baker then becomes more expensive.

  • So I actually think you can argue that you signed Baker now before he's put up numbers and that are similar to other guys that are getting these big contracts.

  • Maybe get Baker under a good deal because you feel like you can build around him because of your leadership in the organization.

  • I understand that completely, But on some level I feel like you're making Mike's point for him, which is that it's the coach who was really the reason that he's doing that.

  • And if so, then maybe a lot of other players you could put in that same situation and do it.

  • But greedy, they would have to be available.

  • And so you're taking the risk that they're a valuable available, Maybe the Ryan Tannehill player that you wanna, you know, release him, replace him with when that time comes because you've delayed it on him, he might not be there.

  • And so That's the risk that you're taking.

  • I'm not disagreeing with like that.

  • It's a replaceable skill set in comparison toe Lamar or Josh Allen.

  • But I would also argue that his skill set as compared to somebody as, say, Kirk Cousins is in fact better.

  • So look, I think that you're hoping that somebody is available to replace him with.

  • And I don't think that that's absolutely a given and so mighty quickly just to come back.

  • Go ahead.

  • Might go.

  • Yeah, I made the same mistake with Mark Sanchez.

  • We started off four road playoff wins.

  • We gave him a massive extension.

  • It didn't work out.

  • And the inverse of what I'm saying is, what about thanks to really So we're better teammates than that, huh?

  • But the other issue is it was three person.

  • When Now there's nothing wrong with that now.

  • Yeah, Tannebaum was the G m of the Jets, and Kimberly was a beat reporter covering the team for news day.

  • And I was just sitting here being miserable about the entire thing.

  • To be honest with you, Kimberly, let me finish it up with you on this.

  • If we could, Quickly, because anytime we start going back to the Jets thing.

  • I have to move on.

  • Kimberly.

  • The question is, when should we expect if they're going to be these conversations with Baker Mayfield on the Browns this offseason?

  • When would they take place?

  • Yeah, I've asked around.

  • Greeny look around.

  • Now combine.

  • Time is when you would sit down and talk about both sides to sit down and discuss the timeline.

  • When are we gonna come back to the table and really sit down and and go over numbers?

  • But the talks don't really heat up until May the summer, so as Faras, when we'd actually get deals done.

  • It's a little later, but teams already know heading into free agency and the draft.

  • If this is a guy we want to extend and they can allocate and set aside okay, this much money, we think we'll go to that cube look they have because he was a first round pick.

  • Unlike that Prescott, for example, who was not.

  • They have another year.

  • They have 1/5 year they can play with, plus the franchise tag.

  • It will be fascinating to see what they do.

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Baker Mayfield's skill set is replaceable, I wouldn’t give him a massive deal - Mike Tannebaum

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