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  • If the Bucks don't tag Chris Godwin and he's on the open market, what team should make a push to add him to their roster?

  • Yeah, man, it should be the Baltimore Ravens.

  • And obviously we've talked about ad nauseum of how they need to develop, continue to develop a passing game just from a from a just a concept standpoint and giving themselves options.

  • Toe open up the field down the field and Alan Robinson has been tremendous.

  • Was a 100 kids guy, 1200 something yards this year.

  • You want to see his TVs go up, which they should, along with Lamar Jackson.

  • But if you think about what Godwin has the I'm sorry if you think about what Godwin has, the ability to do is play with other stars and play alongside of guys that he's not a ball hog per se.

  • He just is in the right positions, understands route concepts, can play slot and on the outside.

  • So he gives you that flexibility in that area, too.

  • And as much as we talked about the success of Lamar Jackson and great Roman in this offense for the Baltimore Ravens, we all know that they have to develop a passing game when they get to the playoffs, and they need to go like that down the field, on teams.

  • And until then, there'll be a team.

  • We talk about being good in the regular season and potentially winning a playoff game.

  • I think God will help us out tremendously in that area for that football team.

  • Yeah, I agree that Godwin would be a nice edition for Baltimore.

  • I'll give you another team.

  • How about the Indianapolis Colts, obviously making news with, you know, acquiring Carson Wentz?

  • The reality is, that's a really good football team.

  • They've got an excellent defense, and they've got the ability to run the football because they've got a good offensive line and an outstanding young back.

  • When you look at their wide receiver situation, T Y Hilton is gonna be free 31 years old.

  • You replace him with a guy like Chris Godwin, who's got a ton of versatility.

  • You know, Marcus reference his ability to play with other stars.

  • Here's the other thing.

  • The guy could dio.

  • He could play a lot of different roles.

  • He is a physical player that has a ton of speed.

  • He's been good outside the numbers.

  • He's been good playing inside.

  • I think just his style of play would kind of fit perfectly for the type of offense I think should be run in Indianapolis.

  • And so I think that's another good fit.

  • The good news for him.

  • I think both of these teams would be in on him.

  • Absolutely, by the way of all the receivers set free agency.

  • How about Chicago's Allen Robinson?

  • He has been excellent the last two seasons.

  • And, oh, by the way, I believe Marcus Spears.

  • Allen Robinson is one of many reasons why I beat you twice in the fantasy football league.

  • I'm just saying, But where do you think Robinson fits in the best?

  • Uh huh.

  • Well, now we could talk about Alan Robinson cause I got him and God, when you start talking about both of them at the same time, Listen, this may be a little bit off the radar for people, but I would love to see him with the Washington football team, him and McLaurin together.

  • You got a nice combo, and wide receiver Alan Robinson goes unnoticed because we talk about Metro Robiskie and the problems that Chicago has had with Matt Nagy at the offensive side of the ball.

  • This dude continues to put 1000 yard seasons for to two years in a row.

  • Now, when over 90 catches again this year and just I feel like he needs to be that guy.

  • And in Washington, he could be that guy with Ron Rivera.

  • Obviously, they gotta answer some questions about the quarterback.

  • Hopefully, it's Alex Smith, and he's healthy and could come back and have a lot of success.

  • But Alan Robinson, across from McLorin, I think that could be a formidable matchup in the NFC East and let alone to help that team continue to build and progress.

  • And don't forget the Washington football team for as bad as the NFC East.

  • Waas was a playoff team this year.

  • They have a lot of things toe like about where they are as a franchise.

  • To me, Robinson is a perfect fit in New England because he's one of these guys that, you know, Marcus talked about his production and how good he's been.

  • He's not high maintenance, you know.

  • He's put up that production and hasn't always been with really good quarterback play.

  • And so I think that's something that's coveted by New England, and you look at their situation.

  • They have not done a good job of drafting wide receivers.

  • Recently, they've been relying on a kill Harry and Jacoby Meyers.

  • Julian Edelman is 34 years old.

  • To me, Alan Robinson would actually be a great Patriot.

  • Somebody to come in.

  • You know, another guy who's versatile guy who just produces and a guy that doesn't need to kind of be, you know, kind of handled in a different way.

  • I just I think in some ways his personality would fit great there.

  • The question is, who will be throwing him the ball if he ends up going to New England, right?

  • I mean, but Robinson, overall past two seasons with 200 total receptions, nearly 2400 yards and great point about mental Travis Key.

  • Just because that has been dramatic doesn't mean Robinson hasn't been doing his job.

  • Um, Marcus Tim, is that it?

  • We I shouldn't ask.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I shouldn't ask.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

If the Bucks don't tag Chris Godwin and he's on the open market, what team should make a push to add him to their roster?

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