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  • Well, look at that list.

  • I mean, that is a remarkable list of decisions they have to make in Tampa right now.

  • If you go down that list of players, if you add the name Tom Brady, you would say, This is the people.

  • These are the people who just won them a Super Bowl.

  • So they have to make all of these decisions as they work their way forward here.

  • Jeff, what are we hearing about the likelihood here of who?

  • They only get to tag one person who is the likeliest one that they will assure themselves of keeping well, Chris Godwin, to all everyone's point, makes the most sense in a lot of ways from the standpoint that, uh, this is the guy that he hasn't gotten paid yet.

  • He's going to look for that big dollar contract.

  • Whether he can get that done now.

  • Hey, could definitely get it done elsewhere.

  • Whether he can get it done with the Bucks is basically their decision on whether they franchise shock Barretto to lose.

  • His point makes the most sense from the positional standpoint.

  • The downside there is, though, because he was tagged last year.

  • It's a 20% bump on top of that.

  • So it's really gonna come down to Jason Light putting a priority on how he can replace those guys If he potentially loses him.

  • I think they'll ultimately tag Chris Kagle.

  • Chris Godwin, who is a 24 year old receiver.

  • So he hasn't made the huge money out there yet.

  • And he is one who people will be throwing money at.

  • But Mike, we all just sat here and watched the Buccaneers win a Super Bowl, primarily because that defense was so good.

  • So as you're making these decisions, are you prioritizing the defense?

  • Absolutely.

  • I would try toe, get shocked, our done to a long term deal, bringing Lavonte David back.

  • Hopefully in Dominican Sue and I love Chris Godwin.

  • I agree with Lewis and Jeff because he has versatility.

  • But if he has to graduate, we've already seen the manufacturer, other players on offense.

  • And maybe it's Antonio Brown back on a one year deal.

  • And while I love Godwin, you have to get that defense fortified.

  • That gives you the foundation.

  • Tom Brady could make up for the other end on offense.

  • Yeah, Louis, it's an interesting question, and it's one that sort of goes throughout the league.

  • But how are you valuing?

  • Ah, wide receiver when you have a quarterback, the stature of Tom Brady, who sometimes makes all sorts of players look like they're stars, you know, How significant is it to you to make sure you keep this one receiver?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, look, it's a tough situation, but I think because of where Chris plays in the context of this offense and because when you're looking down the road about what's the next best alternative and you look at how strong the draft is that wide receiver, especially in this slot, the slot position, there are alternatives that you feel as though you could bring in and obviously aren't gonna be, you know, right off the bat.

  • As productive as Chris Godwin is, because you have to give the man his respect.

  • He is one of the very best at playing inside in their in their offense.

  • But there are alternatives as far as the defense is concerned.

  • When you look at the composition of their outside linebacker, designated pass rush position shock, Barrett and Jpp are really it, and jpp as good as he is is getting older.

  • Shack is right now in the prime of his career.

  • You have to make it a priority to make sure that the side of the football in the position in particular, that drove the bus in the Super Bowl in particular for us toe win it and that's not taking anything away from Tom Brady is the position we have to take care of.

  • It's a position that every team is trying to take care of.

  • Guys who can hunt quarterbacks down and change the course of games by closing them out.

  • Shock.

  • Barrett is one of those people you have to make sure he is in the fold, and quickly, Jeff, I asked this question with a little bit of a smile on my face.

  • Which general manager is making these decisions in Tampa Bay right now?

  • The one in the office.

  • So the one who wears the number 12 you joke.

  • But that was literally what was on my mind.

  • If I'm Jason Light, I know this relationship between Jason Lightened Tom Brady.

  • It's incredibly strong.

  • It's actually incredibly healthy, and in this situation it will not surprise me at all.

  • When Jason, like goes to Tom Brady and says, How much does Chris Godwin mean to you that could dictate the ultimate decision here?

Well, look at that list.

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