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  • did your parents.

  • I know that your parents, I believe, got vaccinated mind got vaccinated last week, and yours got vaccinated as well.

  • Yes.

  • My mom is actually talked to her today.

  • She's getting her second shot, if not tomorrow.

  • The following day.

  • Yeah, so she's I'm very excited about it.

  • She's happy about it.

  • And my dad, he gets his next shot, I think the following week or whatever.

  • So you know anything that can get her back in the casinos?

  • She is.

  • She's gonna be happy.

  • She likes to control the church that says her her two things or she likes to go to the casino and she likes church.

  • She could find a church with some slot machines.

  • And I hope that for her, you know, um, it's also important to get the message out.

  • I know that in the African American community, there is rightly some suspicion about the vaccine.

  • When I say rightly, I mean, historically, there's a good reason why black people are wary of a government endorsed vaccine.

  • But we want to get the word out that I think, uh, of all the people that have been vaccinated so far, I think 60% are white and only 5% are black.

  • And we wanna make sure that people in in that community know that these vaccines are safe and they need to go out when it's their turn and get get vaccinated.

  • Absolutely.

  • My parents are in their eighties, the first shot they had no problems with.

  • And they're, you know, very excited to get the to get the second one.

  • Um, yeah, it's safe.

  • And I mean, we're it's killing us.

  • It's our communities are, uh, being the most affected by it.

  • So we Yeah, got to get this vaccine.

  • Okay.

  • I'm glad.

  • I'm glad you're getting that word out there, and I'm glad your folks are doing well.

did your parents.

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Wanda Sykes' Mom Loves Casinos & Church - CONAN on TBS

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