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  • Theo United States has marked another somber milestone in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

  • On Monday, the number of covert 19 related death in the country's surpassed 500,000.

  • That translates into 148 dead per 100,000 infections.

  • Let's compare that to some other countries.

  • It's slightly behind the United Kingdom, which has one of the world's highest death rate.

  • At 177 per 100,000.

  • Germany has relatively low death toll, with only 78 per 100,000.

  • That's half the U.

  • S figure.

  • US.

  • President Joe Biden lead Americans in observing a moment of silence to honor the nation's half million coronavirus victims.

  • Today we mark a truly grim, heartbreaking milestone.

  • 500,071 dead.

  • That's more Americans who have died in one year this pandemic than a World War one, World War two in the Vietnam War combined.

  • That's more lives lost to this virus in any other nation on Earth.

  • But as we acknowledge the scale of this mass death in America, remember each person the life they lived, Joe Biden speaking there.

  • Now we're joined from Washington by DW correspondent Stefan Simons, Stefan.

  • In that speech, Joe Biden said he wants to reduce the bipartisanship surrounding the pandemic.

  • Is it too late for that?

  • Just No, it's not 500,000 dead.

  • Americans are definitely a reason Thio leave bipartisan ism and political bickering behind.

  • But that was more aimed towards people who are affected by the pandemic, one who are still alive, their economical votes, their their hardship when it comes to paying rent, getting enough food for their kids and so on.

  • So that was clearly aimed at what is going on right now in Washington that the White House and Democrats are trying to bring through the $1.9 trillion.8 package uh, Joe Biden wants to push through.

  • And with that $1400 for eligible Americans.

  • And of course, there is, as pointed out, political bickering.

  • Republicans are against this and want to reduce the sums and what is paid to people.

  • So that was geared towards that.

  • But however absolutely right, the president said, said it, it's It's a horrible number, 500,000 that Americans is not, not something the U.

  • S can be proud off.

  • And yet the U.

  • S.

  • Is also one of the leading countries in terms of vaccinations around 13% off the whole population have received their first shot.

  • How is that changing things on the ground?

  • You think?

  • Yeah, that's good news.

  • And the administration, as well as the state governments, are pushing the pedal there.

  • And there is hope, form or even faster broader vaccination programs to be implemented here in the United States, um, teachers bringing kids back to school and teachers that teachers getting vaccinated days gonna be a big push in that direction to However, the problem is, you see, even if the society here and town cities and places open up a little bit more now, get a little bit more Lex in their in their restrictions of people, how they gather, where they eat is that restaurants open and so on.

  • Uh, it's not broad enough, and it's not fast enough.

  • It could be broad and faster.

  • And don't forget, there are predictions out there who say that up to 150 more 1 150,000 MAWR Americans could die by summer.

  • So that is not with all the vaccination that is good.

  • Everybody's pushing the pedal here, uh, to give more vaccinations to the people.

  • But still, 150,000 people could die until some are still with all this going on.

  • Uh, chef on the U.

  • S.

  • Is in the top 10 of countries with the highest death toll per capital.

  • I have so many Americans died in one of the world's richest countries.

  • Briefly, if you can.

  • Well, because the least that's what many experts say.

  • Trump administration, the former administration under government under Donald Trump has made significant mistakes in the U.

  • S.

  • Was really, really, really, really late to reacts.

  • Could have been Dunmore.

  • I brought you something here.

  • You see, this was headline Washington Post, um, in May, last May last year.

  • Okay, 100,000.

  • It was the first shocker.

  • Um, the after that the administration is stands accused off, not really grasping the grab the magnitude of the crisis here, not doing fast enough enough things fast enough to stop the virus and the spread.

  • And that's the reason why it went so bad here in America.

  • America could have done better.

  • Everybody is the same opinion of that, Stephanie Most in Washington.

  • Thank you, Stefan.

Theo United States has marked another somber milestone in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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