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  • you know, these guys air kind of flying under the radar.

  • They did win their division last year.

  • How about Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  • He's kind of this guy that keeps finding himself with out of home.

  • And then he ends up somewhere and he plays really competitive football makes the people around him better.

  • So I think you look at Washington and say Ryan Fitzpatrick would be a great guy.

  • I think about the deal he signed in Miami two years, 13.5 million.

  • You know you're not paying an arm and a leg for him, and I think you get a good quarterback play.

  • I think that is such an important point.

  • I want you to look at these numbers on the screen, Cindy, leave them up there a second.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, over the last three seasons, has a better Q B R than to Sean Ah, better completion percentage than Tom Brady Mawr yards per attempt than Russell Wilson and a higher touchdown percentage than Dak Prescott.

  • In other words, we're trying to say here is while no one pays any attention to it all, this is not, you know, your grandfather's Ryan Fitzpatrick that the guy that we always used to think, was incredibly inconsistent and made the huge mistakes and everything else.

  • He's been a genuinely terrific quarterback the last couple of years, and no one takes it seriously.

  • So I think the point I'm trying to make here, Kimberly is.

  • And I made this point on the radio a couple of weeks ago.

  • In this game of quarterback musical chairs, someone who's gonna wind up with Ryan Fitzpatrick and their fans are not gonna be excited about it.

  • But those numbers suggest there's an argument to be made that they're actually winding up with an excellent quarterback.

  • Kimberly, What do you think?

  • As somebody who has watched it's magic in person, I love it in Year one, a zoo long as you keep him for one year.

  • He's great.

  • What we saw in Miami put up great numbers here, but more importantly, he was a great guy for two.

  • Uh, I know at the end of the season, there was some hurt feelings about being benched between all that.

  • But Ryan Fitzpatrick, the guy, belongs in Canton just for the fact that he is still playing.

  • And everywhere he goes, he seems to reignite his career.

  • Um, in Washington, you know, there could be situation between Haskins and Alex Smith, who was still coming back from the leg situation, and Tyler.

  • Hi, Nicky.

  • They have him.

  • But Ryan might actually be a decent fit.

  • A one year rental, if you will, because he's a good locker room guy and you know he's going to take a young team and just show them how to do the job.

  • And then you get rid of them.

  • Well, look, Mike Tannenbaum hem Bo put the numbers up there.

  • The Washington football team has the worst quarterback play of any team in the NFL.

  • Last year, they still went seven and nine.

  • Because that defense is that good.

  • You put you put a guy like Ryan.

  • I don't know what their other options are.

  • You put a guy like Ryan Fitzpatrick on there.

  • To me, it becomes a very interesting situation.

  • Mighty.

  • What do you think?

  • Yeah, totally agree.

  • You win for today.

  • What?

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick in that top five defense, you're also developing Taylor Hanky.

  • Maybe for tomorrow.

  • So it makes a ton of sense.

  • I think they would compete with Dallas.

  • Assuming that Dak Prescott is back for the division.

  • Like you said, it's a really, really good defense.

  • They got a couple of really intriguing young skill players and Terry McClelland, Antonio Gibson.

  • So this makes a ton of sense to me.

  • It's a little bit under the radar, and they re signed hanky to an extension, which I like, So this really fits checks.

  • A lot of boxes for both sides and Tim, just finish it up where we began it with it, which is with you, whether it is Washington are somewhere else.

  • And we were just asking you to largely to guests here.

  • I think the larger point is the one that I made when, when I was asking Kimberly, some team is going to sign Fitzpatrick.

  • Their fans are not going to rejoice about it, but the truth is they're getting a much better player than they realize.

  • Do you agree with that?

  • I do agree with that.

  • And greeny, you said, you know, I don't know what the other options are.

  • Look, maybe you're talking about Cam Newton.

  • Maybe you're talking about a trade for Gardner Minshew.

  • That's what you're talking about with where Washington's picking in the draft will probably lose out on some of these guys coming out.

  • And so, yeah, and then throw in the contract.

  • Look, I just said he signed a two year, $13.5 million deal in Miami.

  • So you're not talking about paying him anywhere near starter money.

  • You're just not.

  • So, yeah, good quarterback play, cheap contract and, by the way, a great leader and guy in the locker room.

  • Absolutely.

  • And with all due respect to Cam, Newton has had a sensational career.

  • You watch the two of these guys played last season.

  • There's no comparison, no comparison between what wine Fitzpatrick looks like he has left right now.

  • And what can does.

  • So we will say, I think that is an intriguing one to keep a close eye on.

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you know, these guys air kind of flying under the radar.

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