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  • and let me tell you about my solution, our community crisis and its simple We take action right now.

  • That's my plan.

  • And we're gonna be elected on May 6.

  • On May 7th, we're moving into City Hall and we're gonna take action.

  • That's it.

  • We're taking action, and this is how I want to do it.

  • I want to do it by investing in our communities.

  • And I understand a lot about communities.

  • And I was once told by ah, mentor of mine that said, Brian, if you change your child, you can change your community.

  • And I went on to do some volunteer work for one of our boroughs here and spend time mentoring Ah, young boy for a year.

  • And I really got to see how community works on the ground.

  • When you invest in our younger generation, it pays back 10 fold, sometimes 100 fold.

  • And so I understood how it works and it requires five things and pay attention to me.

  • Write these down if you want is well, wait crowds.

  • Five things to create great community.

  • First of all, you have to identify people who want to help like me.

  • When it came to me during the mentoring, like people like Jamal Edwards, while speak about shortly, who's done great work funding his community centers.

  • People like David Haye, who want to help get these boxing gyms back up.

  • He's from Bermondsey as well.

  • Next, you need people that need help.

  • That's our Children in our communities.

  • Other people, moms, grandmothers, other people menas well, that just need help.

  • In the community center's three.

  • You need infrastructure or a location or a system of processes put in place to enable this to happen.

  • Fourth, you need cash.

  • This is really important.

  • You need money, and I've been told by our friends out of Wally Foster Community Center every time they go to see the mayor and ask him where the money is, he goes silence because he doesn't give them the money they need.

  • And I have a solution for that and finally, fifth part.

  • You need communication.

  • You need some way of letting these people know what's happening, and I want to talk about all five of those things because I know those five things really, really well.

  • And so it's all about bringing those people together through those tools and again We've got people out there that wanna help.

  • We've got people out there that need help.

  • We have some community infrastructure is in place right now, like places like Wally Foster.

  • Um, like places like friary Park out and act in the Jamal Edwards supports.

  • Um, but we need mawr.

  • We need more of that infrastructure and we need more investments.

  • We need cash.

  • And I wanna talk about that shortly and we need communications.

  • And I bring that through all my digital platforms as well.

  • And like I said, I was speaking recently with David Hey, who is currently enjoying himself down to Costa Rica.

  • Big shout out to David.

  • But he was in London Real World headquarters a couple months ago and he said, Brian, he said, I see them closing these boxing gyms, them He said, I know what it's like to be a young man.

  • You're you're full of all this energy and sometimes anger.

  • You got to get it out, he said.

  • This is only gonna lead to crime unless we can find a way Thio to reopen these boxing gyms and community centers.

  • And David said, Brian, I wanna help you and I was having similar conversations with Jamal Edwards, and Jamal is an incredible young man.

  • He founded the SP TV YouTube channel.

  • He's a fellow youtuber and built it up into an incredible media empire that supports hip hop and grime music.

  • You know, he put people like Ed Sheridan on the sharing on the map, and he really broke a lot of great bro grime artist back in the day.

  • And he also found an incredible and innovative solution to take private funding from private companies and pump it into community centers.

  • And Jamal was recently a couple years ago and acting, and he noticed that one of his local community centers was closed down and he said, What's going on here?

  • That's the community center that taught me how to do music and video.

  • If it wasn't for that, I don't know where I'd be.

  • But I sure wouldn't be probably the founder of the multimillion pound valued SP TV, and so we looked into it and he said, I can find a way to get corporate, to write checks to invest in these community centers, and I was actually just speaking with Jamal a couple days ago and asking him.

  • Jamal, How can we take this to the next level?

  • How can we reach out toe companies like Amazon and Uber and Barclays and HSBC and pool tens of billions of pounds and then inject it in an accountable in a responsible way into the hundreds of community centers in the 32 boroughs of London that need our help?

  • This is the wave of future of the future of investing in our community centers.

  • And this way we don't get the excuse from the mayor when he says they have no money left.

  • Even though we know that's not true.

  • We take the money and we inject it directly from these corporate I know how to cut a deal.

  • I know how to get the phone of the CEO of a major company on the phone and said, Guess what?

  • This is a win win situation.

  • You've been taking a lot of money out of the community.

  • You've been doing business with the community.

  • It's time to give it back in a win win situation, empower these youth, reduced knife crime and create the entrepreneurs of the future.

  • This is a no brainer, and it's how we plan on completely changing the game when it comes to communities and it's gonna have a massive knock on effect when it comes to knife crime.

  • And so I look forward Toa working with Jamal Edwards and building Mawr of these corporate funded community centers.

  • They are gonna be a game changer.

  • It's gonna require infrastructure.

  • We know where the cash is gonna come from.

  • I'm gonna provide the communications.

  • And then we're gonna need your help identifying the people on the Children and young people that need our help in the communities and the mothers as well.

  • And all of the people and the people that can help them is, well, the mentors and the community leaders that could take them to the next level again.

  • I like to look at London through a business lens.

  • How can we get it back toe work?

  • How can we fund this in a right way?

  • How can we look at our transport infrastructure through a business lens?

and let me tell you about my solution, our community crisis and its simple We take action right now.

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COMMUNITY CENTRES INVESTMENT: Why We Need Corporate Funded Community Centres in London - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/22
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