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  • Iran has agreed to allow limited nuclear inspections for three more months.

  • The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency negotiated the temporary agreement at crisis talks in Tehran.

  • It could give negotiators some breathing room as they struggled to revive the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

  • For Raffaele Grassi, the clock was ticking the moment he touched down in Tehran.

  • He faced an imminent deadline to convince Iranian leadership to drop a new law that would suspend U.

  • N inspections of its nuclear facilities.

  • But Iran first wanted relief from oil and banking sanctions.

  • For now, Grassi has secured an extension of sorts WAY reached a temporary bilateral technical understanding whereby the agency is going to continue its necessary verification on monitoring activities for a period off up to three months.

  • But cross, he conceded that the UN's watchdog will have less access than before.

  • Iran's Foreign minister, Mohammad Zarif, has already said Tehran will restrict access to security cameras at nuclear sites.

  • It is clear that they won't get a footage, a zloty unas.

  • The United States has not come back to full implementation off its agreement.

  • Zarif is also demanding compensation for sanctions he claims caused $1 trillion worth of damage to Iran's economy.

  • Under the terms of the agreement, with world powers reached in 2015, the I A e A can inspect nuclear facilities in the country at short notice.

  • But after the use, A unilaterally withdrew from the deal and re imposed sanctions.

  • Two years ago, Iran suspended compliance with most of its key commitments.

  • Under the pact, current U.

  • S administration under Joe Biden has signaled it is open to rejoining the deal and lifting sanctions.

  • But the two countries both want the other to make the first move.

  • Last summer, Grassi had struck a deal to allow inspectors to visit two suspected nuclear sites following months of negotiation.

  • Now he has passed the baton on to others.

  • My hope the hope of the I A e a has Bean to be able to stabilize a situation which was very unstable on.

  • I think this technical understanding does it so that other political consultations at other levels can take place once Mawr diplomats are on the clock with three months to find common ground.

  • But I now let's bring in Cornelius Adebayo.

  • He's an Iran expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations.

  • Uh, this is clearly progress, but how likely is it for common ground to be found?

  • Well, it's progress in the sense that what we've seen last week coming together off the other partners off the Iran nuclear deal.

  • Three.

  • United States, France, Germany, Andi, United Kingdom to make progress.

  • Andi Offer Renew talks We haven't seen direct talks between the United States and Iran over the past years.

  • On this on with the signal willingness of the incoming United States President Joe Biden to enter into such talks, this is an important moment, and the I A.

  • A.

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency, has paid the ground for these diplomatic negotiations now to take place.

  • So that's a crucial development off those past couple of days.

  • You mentioned the ongoing negotiations.

  • Just remind us, at what state are those negotiations to salvage that nuclear deal?

  • Um, it's it's a bit difficult.

  • And as you mentioned in the clip, both sides the United States and Iran want the other to move first one to lift sanctions and the other to go back into compliance.

  • Andi, this is where a possible third party should come into play the Europeans.

  • The European Union is the guardian off this nuclear deal on day should find ways technical diplomatic ways, a sequencing so that both sides can can claim victory as you will towards the domestic audience.

  • But on substance they find together on this is what this free window or three month window of opportunity is for eso.

  • What do you think?

  • How credible are Tehran's threats off?

  • Scaling back its commitment to the deal?

  • If the sanctions are not lifted?

  • Um, they appear to be quite credible.

  • We have seen over the past two years.

  • 2.5 years ever since the United States has left the deal that Tehran followed up on its announcements.

  • Step by step, they have reduced their commitments.

  • Andi, even this is only a temporary extension.

  • They have, ah, law passed by parliament which obliges the government to do so.

  • Onda, they have elections coming up by the summer Mid June Presidential election is due.

  • Eso They are also under some sort of pressure at the home front to live up to their words.

  • Andi Aziz, we have seen over the past years as I said, they have done so s so there is some pressure out there on both e.

  • The parties of the deal had better come together on negotiate how they all come back into compliance.

  • Cornelius Alabbar from the German Council on Foreign Relations.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Thank you.

Iran has agreed to allow limited nuclear inspections for three more months.

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