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  • ( music playing )

  • So, Minnie, how did you and Daisy

  • meet Cuckoo-Loca anyway?

  • It all started right here many years ago.

  • Except it wasn't the Happy Helpers office back then.

  • It was an antique shop.

  • Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

  • I think I have just the lamp you're looking for, Mrs. Bigby.

  • Oh, if only it had a shade.

  • I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

  • Things tend to get--

  • Get misplaced without someone knowing how to organize stuff?

  • Oh! I love it.

  • Thank you, Mr. McSpaniel. Toodle-oo.

  • Thanks, Cuckoo-Loca, for always helping around here.

  • You're a regular handybird.

  • You're welcome. Helping is my middle name.

  • Now, if someone could only help me clean up this joint.

  • I wish I could, but I have to leave town on business.

  • Don't worry. I'll be back soon.

  • So keep an eye on the place, will you?

  • I hear someone new might be moving into

  • the empty apartment next door.

  • ( honking )

  • Oh, Daisy, I'm so excited.

  • I know! Our first apartment together.

  • - Oh, happy, happy doodles! - It's the new neighbors.

  • Ooh, I better make some welcome goodies.

  • ( grunting )

  • I've lost my will to doodle. I need snacks.

  • Hiya, gals!

  • I'm Cuckoo-Loca, your neighbor.

  • I brought you some fresh baked cookies.

  • You look like you could use a little help.

  • Let me drop these off and I'll come right back.

  • Cookies? Wait! Come back!

  • - Cookies! - Daisy!

  • - Oh, my! - I've got this.

  • Buttons and bows! You sure are helpful.

  • Yeah, that's kind of what I do.

  • But I could use a little help, too.

  • We make a great team.

  • These cookies are delish.

  • I just know we're going to be very good friends.

  • - I know it, too. - ( music playing )

  • ♪ I remember that first day

  • And it's a day I celebrate

  • You and me were laughing together

  • Then you turned to me to say

  • We are bestest friends forever

  • You and me are bestest friends forever

  • ( burps ) Excuse me.

  • Bestest friends forever

  • Starting right now

  • We are bestest friends forever

  • All of us are bestest friends forever

  • Can't you see we're

  • Bestest friends forever

  • Starting right now

  • We are bestest friends

( music playing )

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Friendiversary | Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures | @Disney Junior

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/22
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