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  • before we begin.

  • Shout out to glam early for sponsoring today's video.

  • This'll is the story off 1234 places from around the world that are extreme.

  • One is a hidden mountain that is extremely weird.

  • Another is a hidden island that is extremely scary.

  • Another is a small country that is extremely red, another that is extremely polite.

  • This'll will make you appreciate the world and its extremes way have just arrived.

  • Please, that makes no sense to us.

  • Way are now in a car on the bottom of a hill, and the hill is going up.

  • But when we put the car or neutral, the car doesn't go down.

  • It goes up as if there is no gravity way.

  • Bought a football and put it on the bottom of the hill and the ball to went up way dropped water on the ground.

  • The water went up.

  • We tried walking up the hill.

  • It was too easy and walking down.

  • Waas Too hard.

  • This is a hill in Armenia's mountains where gravity went nuts.

  • Down is up and up is down, and that will blow your mind.

  • But in reality, gravity is not nuts.

  • This is just a non optical illusion where it looks different from what it actually is.

  • But who cares?

  • For this day on this hill on this mountain gravity went nuts and it's a lot more fun this way.

  • Okay, I have just arrived to a place where everyone around me has red hair.

  • Yes, Human Ireland.

  • Almost 10% of the entire population has red hair.

  • That's one out of 10 people.

  • This is the second highest percentage in the world.

  • But red hair wasn't always a good thing.

  • Hundreds of years ago, people thought redheads where witches They used to be persecuted, imprisoned, killed or burned alive simply for having red hair simply for being different in 2000 and 18.

  • We all know this is crazy talk.

  • I'm not a witch.

  • This'll experience has taught me that every time we discriminate against another human, either today or 500 years ago, we are wrong.

  • All humans are the same, whether they have red color, black color or any color that for a minute.

  • Hey, I'm what's up, Tony?

  • And as part of the national team, I have been to some pretty extreme places myself on.

  • Let me tell you there's a lot more crazy places left to explore.

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  • Okay, that's about a minute.

  • Enjoy the rest of the video.

  • Why you see behind me are hundreds off creepy looking dolls hung on a tiny island in the middle off Nowhere.

  • The dolls look scary.

  • And how they got here is even scarier.

  • 50 years ago, the caretaker off this island, Julian found a dead girl floating on these rivers.

  • No one knew why.

  • Later he found her doll in the same spot.

  • So he hung it on a tree out of respect.

  • But the spirit of the girl kept haunting him.

  • Voices off a little girl were heard all across this island, so he appeased her spirit with Mawr and Mawr dolls.

  • Now the island has hundreds of them.

  • But 50 years later, Julian was found at himself in the exact same spot he found the little girl.

  • That's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow, E Oh, I'm finally in Kyoto.

  • But today's video is not about how beautiful Kyoto is.

  • A.

  • It's about how polite Japanese people are.

  • The Japanese people are so polite that when you accuse me, don't use the effort.

  • The Japanese people are so polite that when they hand you back your credit card, they use both hands and bow down in respect.

  • When there are no cars and traffic light is red, they still don't cross the road.

  • When they get sick, they cover their mouth so as not to get you sick either.

  • If you go to a random person and say thank you for no reason, they will say thank you back to get the e 01 Okay, maybe not everybody, but you get the idea that the oh, that's Japan.

  • That's one minute.

before we begin.

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