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  • It's probably a couple of football fields worth of endangered species turtles.

  • Yeah, so this is anything but typical.

  • So we're in.

  • We're having winter weather.

  • Storm that is unprecedented in South Texas were actually a nonprofit Sea Turtle Inc.

  • Located in the very farthest tip of South Texas.

  • And while it is usually island warm and beautiful, here we are on day four, ongoing on day five of the coldest weather we have seen in quite some time on As a result, what you're looking at behind me is 4700 cold stunned turtles.

  • We plan for cold stuns every year despite Texas and are are beautiful hot, warm weather.

  • Most of the time, we do have a little snaps of cold here and there.

  • So we trained for anywhere from 100 to 500 cold stunned turtles in a year.

  • Um uh certainly prepared for the process and know what it what it looks like and how to effectively handle it.

  • Um ever would we have assumed that we were going toe, have 4700 turtles and to add injury to insult, we are also without power.

  • Eso we have taken on this Herculean task with 4700 turtles and no electricity, it's a challenge.

  • A cold stone event happens because the turtle gets too cold in the water to regulate its own body temperature.

  • So while their instincts tell them to move their flippers and lift their head to breathe, they are so cold they go into a stunned state.

  • And even though their instincts are telling them toe lift their head to breathe, they're not able Thio and they float to the top of the water and drown way actually have £420 loggerhead turtle.

  • We would estimate he's probably upwards of 150 years old, and he is cold, stunned and sleeping it off.

It's probably a couple of football fields worth of endangered species turtles.

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Thousands of cold-stunned turtles rescued from Texas weather – BBC News

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