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  • all right, I'm here in the Hampstead Church graveyard.

  • Reading up on all the incredible people here and getting my boys comfortable with graveyards, which aren't scary, is what I've been telling them.

  • But one of the things that I didn't really grow up with much in San Diego, We don't have graveyards that air in your neighborhood that you just walked by.

  • I've always loved that about this country, not to mention the churches, but the fact that the graveyards are always here and always around us.

  • For some reason, it just, uh, connects us to life somehow.

  • And I always like going by these graveyards and thinking about the people in the lives they lived and, quite frankly, always asking myself, um, if they're wondering what else they could have done, you know, what more could they have done?

  • How much harder they could have pushed, how much more they could have loved, how much more they could have served.

  • So it always makes me think What did these people regret doing on then?

  • It reminds me not to have those same regrets.

  • And, uh, hopefully thes young men will be thinking the same way as, um to realize that life is short and you got to make the most of every day.

  • Right, Deutsche?

  • Right.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • And so that's why you see me always with graveyards behind me, I always find them super fascinating places just to reflect on the fact that we're here just a short amount of time.

  • We need to make the most of it.

  • Um, like I said, we need to connect with people we need to serve.

  • We need to love.

  • We need to push ourselves because we're so much stronger than we think on.

  • We could do so much more than we think.

  • Way just have to go into it sometimes.

  • So thoughts on a Sunday hope you're having a great one.

  • Take the kids out to the graveyard.

  • Make it a fun journey.

  • It's not scary here.

  • Uhh.

  • It's always super enlightening for me.

all right, I'm here in the Hampstead Church graveyard.

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Why I Love Graveyards ☠️ Life Is Short, Make It Count ♥️???

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