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  • Let's talk about some of the issues around these low traffic neighborhoods.

  • And again, Ever since I published some videos about this yesterday, our website has been blowing up.

  • The comments on my videos are just chock full of everyone, saying they dislike low traffic neighborhoods because they believe their politicians are out of touch with the rial concerns of local residents.

  • And I appreciate you again.

  • If you want to submit a question to me, go to Brian for mayor dot London, forward slash bus or forward slash volunteer.

  • You can again sign up, share our assets and also asked me questions.

  • And so we just went through Wandsworth, and I wanted to talk about what's happening with Wandsworth.

  • You know, the Wandsworth Council eyes actually going to suspend its low traffic neighborhood trials following a high level review.

  • And again, the trials were intended to combat climate change by encouraging people to use more sustainable forms of transport and to tackle air quality.

  • Again, they had great ideas.

  • But after the initial review, the trials identified concerns in Wandsworth with emergency access and with traffic flows, and so they have now decided to suspend those lt ends and so we can see this is a concern of the boroughs I'm going through as we speak.

  • Andi, I appreciate Wandsworth Council for doing that and for trying to look into these a little bit mawr before again, we put thes thes mandated restrictions on local residents when it actually pains them through finds through, hurting their businesses, etcetera.

  • But it's not just in Wandsworth and Martin ah, petition urging the Merton Council to u turn.

  • They're low traffic network neighborhood schemes has been launched.

  • Hundreds of residents have now voiced their worries, stating there has been quote little or no consultation unquote to those who live and work in the borough.

  • And that's what we see time and time again.

  • The mayor is out of touch with the citizens of this city, and the article goes on further to say, A petition calling for the proposals has been put to a halt immediately, and it's gathered more than 800 signatures at this point.

  • So I'm going through Martin right now in the people of this of this borough are saying that they want to review these low traffic networks neighborhoods, and I appreciate them saying that next we go on to Kingston, which we're gonna be coming to shortly and again there as well.

  • The L.

  • Tien's remain divisive for the residents and Kingston's councils, low traffic neighborhoods.

  • They continue to spark great debate amongst the residents with concerns over their lack of consultation.

  • And this is a recent article in SW London ER, And it went on to say that the council introduced the trials in early September on Albert Road, Lower Ham Road and King Charles Road, and they're scheduled to last until March.

  • This again is in the borough of Kingston, and Helen, who is the leader of the Kingston Independent Residents Group, noted Quote good, well designed, low traffic neighborhoods are to be supported, but the Kingston lt ins were badly planned, and there was no consultation with residents unquote.

  • That's a direct quote from Helen, who lives in Kingston, and again we see this systematically from your mayor, him mandating these ideas without consulting the local boroughs, and we think that has to stop.

  • Let's go on into Sutton, which is a borough.

  • We will again travel in today, and this is where we see issues with the mayor's street space scheme and so the Sutton Council has now removed the pop up cycle lanes in throw Leeway and ST Nicholas way reinstating the traffic lanes for use by motor vehicles.

  • And the trial measures were launched back in September to create ideally, a dedicated space for people to cycle and provide a safer, active, greener travel alternative to the car journeys to Sutton Town Center.

  • But according to the council, recent traffic survey data and consultation feedback have highlighted that the trial quote has not achieved its objectives.

  • And I really appreciate this.

  • I'm a man that respects data and respects the science, and these people had a great idea but that they've looked at it and they've said that the number of cyclists reportedly is not growing and the car uses returning to pre locked down levels.

  • And the article finishes by saying this and I quote the council has listens and we have said since the start will remove any schemes that are not working and I praise Sutton for this.

  • They go on to say quote, we will now be taking out the cycle paths in ST Nicholas and throw leeway due to the low number of users and restoring the previous traffic lanes unquote.

  • And so again, I appreciate sudden looking at the numbers, looking at the science again.

  • I am all for green initiatives.

  • I am all for promoting cycling in the city, but I want to make sure it doesn't hurt our residents.

  • And I want to talk about that shortly.

  • Finally, Richmond, we're about to head through Richmond.

  • The council leaders in Richmond are are very frustrated about pro proposals to expand the congestion charge zone into parts of Richmond.

  • As you know, the congestion charge has been absolutely an abomination under the current mayor.

  • Not only has he raised your congestion charge from 11 50 to £15 he's extended it to 24 hours a day.

  • He's extended it to seven days a week, and now he's extending it even further in location and increasing the US zones.

  • And Richmond is not impressed.

  • And again, this controversial move was among a Siris of measures that was suggested in a leaked letter.

  • And it also talked about the Richmond borough trying to raise money by adding mawr taxes to its local councils.

  • And I want to talk about this Thes measures should not be used to raise revenues by taxing the citizens.

  • And this is something everyone's frustrated and you could tell these Burrows.

  • It's a really issue.

  • So again, I want to get your questions and your answers right now tell me, what borough do you live in?

  • What's your biggest challenge?

  • And what's the question you wanna ask me?

  • Tell me, Are you frustrated with these low traffic neighborhoods?

  • Are you frustrated with the mayor's street space scheme?

  • Are you frustrated with other mandates coming from the mayor without consulting local residents?

  • And why next?

  • Do you think it was right for the police to detain us, to find us and to ban us from campaigning?

  • And is this politically motivated?

  • And finally, do you think that free and fair elections should take place on May 6?

  • And do we need new leadership, new vision and new ideas to take London in a new direction?

Let's talk about some of the issues around these low traffic neighborhoods.

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