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  • All right, let's check out who's in the zone brought to you by Auto zone.

  • It's the Utah Jazz who have won 20 of their last 21 games after beating the Clips last night.

  • Now the Clippers without CO I m p g.

  • But the Jazz have been dominant, posting to win streaks of at least nine games this season.

  • No other team has even won eight straight at all so far.

  • So Richard is this Ah, hot streak or a potential title run.

  • I think that there's a potential title run.

  • They've done everything that they need to do.

  • In my opinion, like this is a team that is top five in in points, their top five in defense, their their number one and rebounding.

  • They're number one in point differential.

  • I'm not even a stats guy, but when you go break down and look at the teams, the teams, that's these aren't like little bitty moments that they're having their actually dominating teams very, very consistently.

  • How they finish is purely up to them.

  • Yes, so this is a team that was essentially the same rosters they had a year ago and they've just exploded and blossom before our eyes.

  • Now they're healthy and their top competition in the West, the Clippers and Lakers are not.

  • And health is gonna be a major factor.

  • But I don't think I've ever seen a team that has been is close to the Spurs of the last title run the Spurs had in 2014, as this team is, and they're coached by a guy in Quin Snyder, who used to be with the Spurs and run by a guy in Dennis Lindsey.

  • He used to be with the Spurs.

  • They share the ball.

  • They rely on a center to defend the front of the rim.

  • They run a very Democratic offense.

  • It took, you know, Spurs were in contention many years.

  • It took a lot of years, a lot of things for them to go right from the wind titles.

  • I think the Jazz are in contention to win it, whether the whether they will.

  • Let's wait and see.

  • But man, they're good, Yeah, really fun to watch, to just they played together and you can tell that most of that team has been together this whole time in a season where continuity it's such an advantage, they are maximizing everything they have to offer.

  • And, of course, Quin Snyder, as you mentioned, fantastic this year and every year, and he is going to be coaching the Western Conference All Stars.

  • Or I guess whoever the Western Conference players selects on his draft team will get all of that later.

  • All right, let's get to Steph Curry, though, who is still really good news.

  • Flash Really good, even when he is not at his best.

  • On a night where he missed a career high 15 threes, Curry led the Warriors still to a 15 point fourth quarter comeback to force overtime That made a number of key plays down the stretch to seal the win, the Warriors, currently seventh in the West.

  • So, Brian, we knew once Clay got hurt again, this was going to be a difficult year for the Warriors, and there was a really range right in expectations for them.

  • Or what people thought that they could accomplish is the way Curry has come back and played.

  • Changed your expectations for the dubs for this season.

  • No, and I don't mean that to sound bad.

  • Like I thought they were a bubble playoff team and I expected Steph Curry to be great.

  • I'm one of these people who believe Steph Curry is a top 10 all time player on like last night.

  • As good as he was, that wasn't even a Top 10 Top 10 performance he's had this season.

  • It was, you know, he was good at the end, but it was kind of just average for him.

  • And that's how much I believe in Steph Curry.

  • That's how much I believe in the warrior way.

  • And Draymond Green is putting on a clinic on how to win basketball games without scoring this year.

  • It's a joy to watch him play.

  • I still think they're a bubble playoff team.

  • I still think they're gonna remain there.

  • I could even argue that it might behoove them, especially considering they have the Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick this year.

  • If it's outside the top three that it might be best for them to miss the playoffs and get to lottery picks in this draft.

  • But hats off to Steph Curry.

  • He's been great for a long time.

  • He's an M V P candidate.

  • He's not surprising needle.

  • That face Richard is fantastic.

  • Yes, well, no.

  • I understand There's a lot of things, a lot of things that we have the impact that Wendy just had one top 10 player.

  • I respect that.

  • I cannot wait to see your top 10 list, and I say this.

  • But knowing that step still has MAWR to add to his resume next part that I want to talk to three tunnels into VPs, right?

  • Yeah, that's a short list.

  • There is a very short list he's gonna add to that list before he's done, but I'm just curious to hear your top 10.

  • That being said, the Warriors air right where they are right where they should be.

  • Step is having an M V P numbers stats type season, and they're the seventh team in the conference.

  • So that being said, where what are they?

  • The best that I think that they could do is probably a second round.

  • I'm not gonna ever say a guy that's having an M V P season that's one of the top 10 players of all time should are maybe their team to think about losing to get a second lottery pick.

  • That's not what top 10 players do.

  • That's not what Steph does, so I think that the Warriors are a very good team.

  • I think a second round if they're healthy, if they're playing well.

  • But eventually they're gonna run into some trouble with the lack of firepower.

  • When you start playing against those top teams Well, Steph Curry has said it is fun going to the arena every day and just having that challenge of not knowing how a game is gonna turn out.

  • There was certainly years where they had pretty serious expectations, that they were gonna walk into the arena or his Draymond green once put it.

  • When we arrived on the bus, we pretty much knew we were gonna win.

  • And he said he's actually enjoyed the process this year of working his way through games with this team.

  • But of course, he will also enjoy the process next year when Clay Thompson is back and they are once again expected to be championship contenders.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

All right, let's check out who's in the zone brought to you by Auto zone.

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