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  • Today, we're talking about 12 good words.

  • That is...12 synonyms to use instead of the word "good."

  • Okay, so before we get into our lesson, here's something that you can do that is not just good...

  • It's great!

  • Join our social media classes!

  • They'll give you a lot of information. We'll ask you questions.

  • And generally, they'll help you practice a lot of your English skills.

  • The word okay. But it's not great or wonderful or outstanding.

  • Here are some other words that will help you change things up and express yourself better than just using the word "good".

  • Number 1 - Valuable

  • We use "valuable" when we talk about the cost or worth of something, or someone's importance.

  • That's a valuable watch.

  • Number 2 - Excellent

  • This word means extremely good. It's very commonly used, and it describes someone or something that holds superior quality.

  • Titanic is an excellent film.

  • Number 3 - Exceptional

  • This is kind of similar to excellent but perhaps even more so because it means something that is unusually good.

  • Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to receive a perfect score in the Olympics. Her performance in Montreal was exceptional.

  • Number 4 - Outstanding

  • Another similar word to excellent and exceptional, it means something that is remarkably good.

  • My sister goes to Yale University. She is an outstanding scholar.

  • Number 5 - Superb

  • Superb means impressively beautiful.

  • So many times we use it to describe how nice something is or how nice something looks.

  • The snow covered mountains are superb in the winter.

  • Number 6 - Divine

  • Divine is related to something godly.

  • But we also use it when we want to emphasize that something is out-of-this-world good.

  • The food at the restaurant was divine.

  • Number 7 - Brilliant

  • Brilliant was initially used to describe something that shines brightly, but this can be extended to a performance or an idea that outshines the others.

  • Brilliant is used in that context a lot more in British English than in American English.

  • But it's still very common in both countries.

  • Her brilliant smile lit up the room.

  • Number 8 - Impressive

  • Something that is impressive has the ability to blow your mind or make a great impression on you.

  • The size of the Grand Canyon is impressive.

  • Number 9 - Admirable

  • Admirable means someone or something worthy of a lot of respect or admiration.

  • Wes spent two years volunteering as a teacher in two different countries. Now that's admirable.

  • Number 10 - Flawless

  • We use "flawless" to describe someone or something that has no defects or faults.

  • Michelangelo's Statue of David is a very famous work of art. Many people believe the statue is flawless.

  • Number 11 - Wonderful

  • Wonderful is used as a synonym for excellent.

  • Basically, we use it to describe something that is much better than good.

  • We spent a wonderful week in Dubrovnik.

  • Number 12 - Great

  • Great is another synonym for exceptional or outstanding.

  • Our students are doing a great job with the questions we ask on social media.

  • Okay, let's practice what we've learned today.

  • But before we do, please like our video if you feel like you've learned something new.

  • Here we go! I want you to choose one word from today's lesson.

  • Then, in the comments below write a sentence about...this picture.

  • I'd also encourage you to read each other's sentences because this will help you reinforce your understanding of these words.

  • And if you need more time to write, you can pause the video while you're writing your sentence.

  • See you next time!

Today, we're talking about 12 good words.

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