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  • we begin in Myanmar, where thousands of people have defined threats of violence to take part in a new day of protests against the country's military rulers.

  • This comes a day after police fired live ammunition to disperse protesters in the city of Mandalay, killing at least two people and injuring several others.

  • The crowds were forced to flee as security forces chased after them using slingshots, rubber bullets and water cannon.

  • The protesters were repeating their call for an end to military rule after a coup nearly three weeks ago.

  • It didn't help they return despite the risk.

  • The reality now crystal clear for these demonstrators after police killed two more people with live ammunition on Saturday.

  • It was the worst violence since mass rallies began weeks ago.

  • Past uprisings against the military have failed.

  • These demonstrators want them gone for good.

  • I remember my parents fought against the military coup during the 1988 revolution and I to have to stand against this dictatorship.

  • If we fail to stand against them this time, our next generation will live under the military dictatorship, so we can't stop this time, E want to say through the media to the dictator and his henchman way are peaceful.

  • Demonstrators stopped the genocide stop using lethal weapons but they can't go it alone.

  • Protesters are appealing to the international community for solidarity that a number of people has increased today on We will not stop way will keep going till we reach our goal of democracy way want other countries to take more severe actions than sanctions way?

  • On Sunday, Facebook deleted the military's page for inciting violence following Saturday's deadly crackdown.

  • The killings have only strengthened the protesters resolve.

  • They hope that this time perhaps they can free Myanmar from a military that refuses to relinquish power.

  • Journalist Dave Greenebaum is following developments in Myanmar from Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, and he joins us now for the latest Hello to you, Dave.

  • So more protests today people seem undeterred by yesterday's fatal clashes with the riot police.

  • What are you hearing on the ground in Myanmar?

  • Yeah, I mean, we're already seeing video thousands of demonstrators out on the streets and you and gone today out on the streets and Mandalay today again, These death has happened yesterday.

  • These thes this fatal incident, it is just becoming a rallying cry for them demonstrators.

  • I've spoken to people in Yangon, the biggest city since yesterday's fatal incident, and they tell me that this they're just rallying behind these people.

  • They see them as absolute models, and it's just adding more fuel to the protest movement.

  • They have no intention of backing down the police, people just out in force.

  • And it's not just a mandolin Yangon.

  • We talk a lot about them because they're the two biggest cities as well as native other capital.

  • But there are people demonstrating in cities, towns and small villages across the country.

  • Now, much of the international community has condemned the deadly force used by the military against protestors.

  • But Dave, are we going to see any further consequences?

  • I mean, is there gonna be anything more than declarations?

  • Yes.

  • So we're seeing, you know, sanctions that are coming from the West.

  • Economic sanctions targeted economic sanctions that certain generals and military aligned businesses.

  • But here's the thing.

  • The generals were prepared for this before they went forward with the military coup.

  • They knew that there would be sanctions coming from the West to really have any chance to get the generals toe reverse course you're gonna have to get some Asian countries on board.

  • China would be a big player in this because China's got some leverage.

  • But they showed no signs of wanting to pressure the generals to reverse course.

  • Uh, they've called for no violence.

  • They've called for the release of Aung Sang Suu Ky and other leaders who've been, uh, put under house arrest or locked up.

  • But they don't seem to wanna be ableto show no signs of pressure in the channels to make changes when it comes to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

  • Again, they're calling for no violence, but they tend to have a policy of non interference in each other's internal affairs.

  • So without pressure from some Asian countries, there seems to be little hope that the generals would reverse course.

  • Journalist David Greenbaum.

  • Thank you so much for your reporting.

we begin in Myanmar, where thousands of people have defined threats of violence to take part in a new day of protests against the country's military rulers.

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Myanmar protesters undeterred by deadly police violence | DW News

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