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  • it really is.

  • It's a damn shame that Jerry Jones is picking him to play that hard line.

  • And it just like it's just one year that Prescott wants five instead of four.

  • We understand I'm sorry.

  • Four instead of five.

  • I understand if you're Jerry, you want the fifth year, whatever, but damn that Jerry is in his late seventies.

  • Now this is four or five years down the road.

  • If the man wants four years instead of five, why you sweating it, man?

  • Well, I think I think maybe you answered it.

  • I I think the idea for Jerry Jones.

  • Maybe this is keeping us talking about him, right?

  • If Jerry has gotten his mind here in the end, I'll give him what he wants.

  • But I can string this along and keep Dallas Cowboys on the front page, so to speak.

  • You know, they're talking about it on first take.

  • It's all over the media.

  • Well, look, here's an alternative for Jerry, in my opinion.

  • Stephen, I remember when Jimmy Johnson was on the show.

  • I mean, it's very it's very clear what's going on with the Cowboys.

  • It's the curse of Jimmy Johnson, not in the ring of honor.

  • You kidding?

  • Jerry?

  • Put Jimmy Johnson in the Ring of Honor.

  • Get out of your own.

  • Get out of your own way And the curse of Jimmy Johnson will be lifted.

  • Give Dak Prescott the contract, but then work on the defense.

  • But you think that hard, you gotta smirk.

  • You got you got a smirk on your face and your laughing and I don't blame you for because I understand where it's coming from.

  • But it takes a far more serious tone with me from the standpoint that Jimmy Johnson clearly delivered for you.

  • And the only reason you would keep him out is for your personal feelings.

  • The fact that I have a problem with the fact that the owner has something has that definitive of a say as to who gets into the Ring of the Ring of Honor should be determined by the fans who watched and supported your team all of these decades, even before you have arrived.

  • Jerry Jones that helped uplift or live upto uplift the neighbor and and in the case of Dak Prescott, let's also remember Max that I had a problem with the fact that again you're waiting until the guy gets hurt.

  • Remember when Dak Prescott first came on board?

  • You were reluctant to put him at the helm when Tony Romo was there.

  • Even though Tony Romo had injured injuries, he clearly wasn't 100% and that Prescott was flat out bawling and was clearly the future.

  • Just coming in as a rookie.

  • You have held out in the sky at every turn, and it's five years later.

  • And Jerry's is still doing the same thing he did to that Prescott as a rookie.

  • I don't find that funny, but, well, well, this is why it's funny to me because Jerry Jones seems to have gotten used to the idea.

  • And that's why I wouldn't put it past him.

  • Just to string this along to keep is to keep this to keep the Cowboys in the headlines.

  • Maybe the same thing with Jimmy Johnson.

  • Ring of Honor.

  • You know Jerry Jones.

  • Its's difficult to win a Super Bowl.

  • It's difficult to be in the headlines for winning all the time.

  • Jerry Jones has been unable to do that in a quarter century, and he did it originally because he ushered in the era of the hard cap and then manipulated it with the roster bonus right immediately to grab Dion Sanders.

  • But once that little parlor trick was discovered and everyone figured out how to do that, he didn't have that advantage.

  • And he's they haven't won anything in 25 years.

  • So my point is, it's easier to do what Jerry Jones is doing to stroke your ego by keeping your team in the news and making your money the same way without winning what's harder to do, or at least less ego gratifying.

  • But in the long run is better is if you cut the shenanigans and just get to the business of running a football program.

  • Because the Dallas Cowboys would have a shot then Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

it really is.

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'Lift the curse!' - Max tells Jerry Jones to put Jimmy Johnson in the Ring of Honor | First Take

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