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  • in honor of our shows.

  • Five year anniversary.

  • Time to run it back to the top 10 plays of the jump era.

  • Number 10 bam!

  • Out of bio denying what would have been the game tying dunk by Jayson Tatum in Game one of the Eastern Conference finals.

  • Oh wow, that's the one.

  • The most impressive blocks I've seen in the postseason.

  • I'm surprised Richard isn't questioning why this is in the top 10.

  • Richard spent the entire commercial break questioning Brian on him, putting Steph Curry in the top 10.

  • Question that I did not question.

  • Number one Top 10.

  • Damian Lillard drilling the deep game winning three over Paul George to end the Siris in Game five.

  • This waas amazing.

  • I think that this brings me smile.

  • This makes me smile.

  • Toe.

  • Yeah, the reaction afterwards was part that right there e reaction afterwards that could bump that.

  • We'll see.

  • We'll see what else is on their number eight.

  • LeBron delivering a beautiful no look one handed, passed to visit for the dunk against the Lakers.

  • E man.

  • It's the greatest basket, Dante says.

  • It's career.

  • I was gonna say you could have given me 1000 gas is that I would have mentioned that man's name today.

  • I would have gotten to it.

  • So they're Ugo LeBron elevates Rising Tide Lifts all boats DEMAR DeRozan Absolutely destroying, destroying everything in his path on the way to the dunk.

  • No regard for human life, as our friend Kevin Harlan would say, Oh my gosh, look at this!

  • Luckily, Boucher went on, the team defenders, I don't like to shame defenders, but I'll make an exception in this case.

  • Number six.

  • Yanez dunking over Tim Hardaway Jr Like the whole person.

  • Macro, how do you defend that?

  • How do you defend that, Richard?

  • You don't defend you.

  • Get out of you.

  • Get out of the damn way!

  • You, like Move, Get out the way.

  • Number five Steph Curry barely crossing half court and then this game, winning three over the thunder saying, Wendy, go ahead and say it want Brian.

  • I'm just gonna say it's an iconic double bang mike.

  • Exactly.

  • I feel iconic.

  • This was what sort of crystallized and solidified steps year and season that year.

  • It was incredible.

  • Who number four James Harden obliterating Wesley Johnson's ankles, staring him down, makes the three and you know what happens next.

  • You just don't wanna be on the wrong side of NBA history.

  • It's like Brian Russell.

  • You're always gonna talk about this.

  • This will live forever as long as e.

  • He is so right.

  • E could have said it better.

  • You couldn't.

  • It's terrible.

  • It's terrible.

  • Situation Number three.

  • Game seven of the Eastern Conference finals.

  • Kawhi Leonard making and taking that game.

  • Winning three.

  • Man who?

  • This is The semifinals, I think.

  • Right, man, you.

  • I like how he ducked this Still for Joel to this day.

  • Not that bad, Hopefully on Lee.

  • This is unbelievable to me.

  • The Onley buzzer beating, game winning shot in a Game seven.

  • An MBA playoff history at the time.

  • That was credit crazy at number two.

  • Your daily double 2016 NBA Finals Game seven.

  • Richard.

  • Ever heard of it?

  • LeBron making an incredible block on Andre Iguodala and then shortly after Kyrie with the dagger and Richards bald head celebrating their like a beacon s.

  • So I was so proud, which was great in that game.

  • Richard played great in that game, that whole Siri's number one.

  • Kobe's final game.

  • This was our first year in the jump dropped 60 points versus the Jazz, right across the street here, one of the most special moments.

  • Yeah, just watch it just soaked that in.

  • What's your eyes?

  • Were impressive.

  • 60 points or 50 shots.

  • I think you know 50 shots.

  • Takes a hell of a lot of talent.

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in honor of our shows.

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The top 10 NBA plays and moments during The Jump era

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