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  • Dame has just had so many moments, and he is without C J.

  • McCollum, and what he has done is elevated his team above expectations.

  • Where is Lukas?

  • Dodgers and the Mavericks aren't exactly at expectations.

  • Remember going to the season?

  • Luca Dodgers was the number one M v p candidate.

  • Um, if you check that now, this is exactly what you're getting.

  • And Davis had these huge clutch moments, his shot down teams and said goodbye to them like he did to the thunder at least three times this season.

  • So I have game over Luka by a hair hard to disparage Lucas performance, and I have to go with that to cast because dame dollar, you know, I am loyal to the three stripe life, okay?

  • And so I've always, you know, paying attention to what he's been able to dio.

  • Not just when Stephen A screams from the pulpit.

  • One thing that I love about Dame is, you know, and this is the reason why I like him being the starter over Luka because Luca's, Jacoby said, is an outstanding talent.

  • What Dame has his team in the fourth spot in the West?

  • He has a better record, and he's doing this without CJ who really helps them go on Earth it at times.

  • And so, yeah, he stepped up in their absence and I mean, you know, you look at the stats very similar.

  • Toluca's He doesn't a little bit more with assist, but he's carrying a huge load, and I feel like he definitely deserved the nod.

  • But I can understand why Luca would get a lot of fan votes.

  • Yeah, I mean, even Lucas said it.

  • According to our Tim MacMahon, Hey said, I didn't expect that I was going to start this game.

  • Hey said, I know that maybe Lillard deserved it more than me.

  • So even he understands and and look, they all start voting consisted of a combination of a fan player and media ballots.

  • I I had a media ballot.

  • I toast F and dame and dame to me more so over.

  • Steph.

  • Um uh, some people are debating that maybe it should be Luca and Damon there and step out of there.

  • I don't I don't believe that.

  • I mean steps averaging 30 points a game, and he's also still in playoff contention.

  • But to your to your point the big.

  • I think the biggest thing you circle with Dame is just Portland is fourth and they don't have C J.

  • And they don't have use of Nurkic and you know, it's still it's Dane E.

  • Think he just gets overlooked.

  • But Jacoby Perk also said, You know that Dame is the best point guard in the MBA.

  • Do you agree with that?

  • I don't do it to be cast.

  • Don't do it.

  • To be cast is like making me pick between my twin daughters, you know, because there's so much that's similar about these two.

  • This season, they both.

  • They both lost their go to number two running mate in the backcourt, and now they both have.

  • Defense is just focused on them every single night, and they both have had these huge games and huge moments.

  • Look at the numbers.

  • I mean, this is the same.

  • I'm not going to say into this microphone that one of these players deserves any position over the other.

  • They are not one A and one B.

  • They're both one a plus in my mind right now.

  • If you look at the highlights that these two have put up, oh, here they come.

  • Just look at what he's doing with the basketball every night like this.

  • This to me is the right question to ask me, but I just can't do it.

  • I cannot do it.

  • E Want to jump in here?

  • Cast because the best point guard in the MBA calls Oakland home.

  • How about that?

  • Well, what they love about these two when you compare them is Steph does it with a smile, and Dame does it with a scowl.

  • And there's something I like about the fact that Dame got snubbed.

  • The scouts gonna get meaner, and he's gonna start yelling at the crowd that isn't there again.

  • So I I actually I'm glad it worked out this way because now just gives Dame a little bit more edge and a little bit more reason to go out and kill him every night as he has.

  • And am I wrong?

  • Toe Also throw.

  • Can Chris Paul still get Point God status here these days?

  • No, not this conversation.

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Dame has just had so many moments, and he is without C J.

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Damian Lillard’s All-Star snub will only fuel him more - David Jacoby | Hoop Streams

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