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  • No, they do not.

  • Because sometimes you need people to leave you.

  • Stephen A.

  • There are times we are tied to people, and those people keep dragging us down.

  • Those people are anchors that are sinking our ships.

  • And that's what Carson Wentz Waas.

  • And so now, yeah, it's only one dude in the room.

  • It's a better dude than they had before.

  • Carson Wentz left, and now you do have an opportunity.

  • If you're Suryani to say okay, I mean, evaluate.

  • Jalen hurts who I believe is a good NFL starter.

  • I don't think he's a great NFL starter, but I believe he's a good NFL starter.

  • I believe he is better than Taylor.

  • Hi, Nicky.

  • I believe that he is better than Daniel Jones.

  • And so if you have that situation, you say we could go out and add some veteran backup leadership in this locker room and add a veteran to the to the quarterback room.

  • And if we look in the draft and say trade, Lance falls to us and we just absolutely love him or Justin Fields, and we just absolutely love him.

  • Then you take him.

  • If not, you take a player at six that makes this team better and you move forward with Jalen Hurts.

  • You're speaking about Taylor, Hi, Nicky and what he did against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in one game before there was film on film on him.

  • It was impressive, right?

  • He played hard.

  • There was moxie.

  • But think about the 1st 2.5 games for Jalen Hurts.

  • That was playing in New Orleans Saints, who had an excellent defense.

  • You go to Arizona and you go toe to toe with Kyler Murray and for the first half of the Dallas Cowboy games, he played extremely well.

  • And so I think right now the Philadelphia Eagles are in a better position from just their quarterback room from the guy they have right now.

  • That's going to start the two of the other teams in the division.

  • Obviously, if Dak Prescott, the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, there in the best position but for the Philadelphia Eagles to be rid of Carson Wentz to not have that particular quarterback controversy or that particular quarterback competition that puts the Philadelphia Eagles in a better place as far as the locker room is concerned, and I believe that Jalen hurts, is a good enough starter to put you ahead of the Washington football team in the New York Giants.

  • Well, I wanna be very, very clear.

  • I'm not saying that Carson Wentz is, uh, exit is a bad thing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • I'm not saying their worst off.

  • I'm just saying to answer the question directly.

  • If you compare the Eagle situation, toe everybody else within the division.

  • I think at this particular moment in time, the Eagles still have the worst situation.

  • We'll see whether or not I'm wrong as the season once next season rolls around.

  • Look, Jalen hurts did things.

  • Let's not forget.

  • And it's not just catching teams unawares.

  • He did things like know what was it?

  • He had the game with 300 passing yards like 60 something rushing yards, three touchdowns.

  • No interceptions.

  • But just just remember how the offense looked when he took over, even when they weren't when because it wasn't a good team.

  • The offense looked so much better when he was under center versus Carson Wentz and it was the same offensive line.

  • It was the same thing.

  • Well, because he was moving around Carson, Wentz could move around.

  • No, Jalen Hurts is willing to run the coaches offense.

  • Jalen hurts if you look at him in between.

  • You know, like Jalen Hurts makes a mistake.

  • He's not out there sulking or pouting.

  • He's looking to get better.

  • He's a promising young player.

  • We don't know what he is, but if you want to take him and Daniel Jones was a much longer track record in the NFL, that suggests maybe there's limited upside there and he's a bottom third type starting quarterback right now.

  • And hi, Nicky.

  • I don't think you could say the Eagles are worse off and Thio really take it further.

  • Stephen A.

  • The Giants aren't looking at quarterback.

  • That's the problem.

  • The Eagles have hurts, but they're still looking, so there's an active chance to get better.

  • Whereas you get somebody back saying this is our dude.

  • Uh, well, and the other piece is this.

  • When you talk, you talk about Jalen Hurts compared to Carson Wentz, if we're gonna, you know, kind of in this and and see who Jalen Hurts was the average 5.73 yards and play with hurts 4.7 with Carson Wentz.

  • Now, if you take that equivalent.

  • That's about the New York New Orleans Saints offense compared to the New York Jets offense with the difference in quarterbacks.

  • That's the difference that Jalen Hurts made at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles last year, who we knew we knew were beat up on the offensive line.

  • Had injuries in the backfield also weren't great at the skill position.

  • The dude is a good NFL starter, so you at least have that as a starting point, as you're looking to add to the quarterback room.

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No, they do not.

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