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  • I don't know.

  • The Eagles finally signed off on the agreement that will send a third round pick this year to Philadelphia and a conditional second round pick next year that could become a first round pick in return to the Eagles from the Colts.

  • Each side gets what it wants, right?

  • Carson Wentz, wanted out of Philadelphia, did not want to be back there.

  • The Colts wanted Carson Wentz toe work with Frank Reich, their head coach, who was his former offensive coordinator in Philadelphia.

  • Frank Reich is a Carson Wentz believer.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles are free of Carson Wentz, landing a third round pick in a conditional second rounder.

  • That's a nice return for struggling quarterback.

  • We all knew the Eagles weren't getting the first round pick They claimed they would don't get it wrong.

  • Indianapolis Colts are also winners in the Carson Wentz trade, not because they got cost of wins, but because they've still got Frank Reich.

  • If anybody can fix Carson Wentz, it's Frank, right?

  • Make no mistake about it.

  • Right?

  • Was once offensive coordinated in 2017 when went went 11 and two as a starter when went through 33 touchdowns in just seven interceptions as a starter.

  • When once was an M V P candidate.

  • That was Carson went under Frank right rights.

  • Got that track record jaw.

  • He's also got an offensive line in Indianapolis now.

  • Ah, much better offensive line than the one that let Carson Wentz get sacked 50 times in just 12 games last year and Frank writes, got Jonathan Taylor in that offense to and Michael Pittman.

  • Frank ranks, got all of that, and now Carson Wentz has a chance to turn his career around.

  • It's because he's got Frank right, But it's also because he's got that offensive line to an offensive line that only gave up 19 sacks with a stationary target that was Philip Rivers behind center.

  • That team will be protecting Carson Wentz, who's been sacked 179 times in his five year NFL career.

  • And he did good because of Frank, right?

  • And that offensive line.

  • They did real good.

I don't know.

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Stephen A. - 'If anybody can fix Carson Wentz, it's Frank Reich' | Stephen A's World

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/21
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