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  • Jalen, we've got a fresh pie.

  • A blame pie.

  • Who you gonna give the bigger slice to?

  • Draymond Green are the officials who double teed him Draymond green fellow Michiganders he understands as a champion of seasoned veteran, The God has been defensive player of the Year.

  • Yes, you're in the NBA because your toughness in your edge, But you can't let it get the best of you in particular.

  • In that moment, it may not have been the best call.

  • Maybe Gordon Hayward shouldn't have got the time.

  • I'll call.

  • But you know what can happen.

  • Either way, you get the technical foul.

  • Now you get the blame, Pop, what Steve Kerr say to Green after this game?

  • Well, he doesn't say much because that becomes into an argument because it is one of those things where he knows what he did.

  • He's gonna be apologizing to everyone else.

  • He had to play earlier in the season.

  • When he shot the ball late with the San Antonio Spurs, he felt like we're gonna follow him.

  • And he said that was the smartest, dumbest play of the year.

  • Well, now he has two of them.

  • All right, Jalen Rose, Sit tight because we've got the heat.

  • Lakers.

  • You're gonna talk to stand about that in a minute.

  • Lakers, now five and three without Davis this season compared to 17 and six when he's in the lineup.

  • They've really missed him offensively Saturday, third time in eight games without Davis, including two straight that the Lakers scored fewer than 100 points, they've only gone under 100 points twice with Davis in the lineup.

  • As promised.

  • Jalen Rose back with us.

  • So Jalen know Anthony Davis and no Dennis shrewder for the Lakers.

  • How does that change what they're able to do?

  • We'll stand normally when you're watching the Lakers play.

  • They have three sets that they run the most frequent.

  • It's LeBron James S O A.

  • D on the post.

  • LeBron and a D and pick and roll with two of those options are eliminated without a D, and their offense looks stagnant.

  • And the other thing defensively, they allowed the Miami Heat or their last couple opponents, for that matter, to continue to get drives into the paint and baskets that allow the other team toe.

  • Establish their toughness up front against the Lakers.

  • But for the heat It was too much bam out of bio in the paint and too much Kendrick Nunn, who was getting buckets three entire night.

  • All right, so they've got several more games before the All Star break.

  • Davis won't be back.

  • Is there a fix for it, or is it just a matter of trying to tread water until he's comes back?

  • Tread water until he comes back And I know LeBron James says he doesn't get tired.

  • He was looking tired to me today, and rightfully so.

  • Here's the thing when they have Anthony Davis in the lineup, I feel like the Lakers are invincible like they're going to win the championship, even though there's some other great opponents the Utah Jazz, the Clippers, the Nets in the Eastern Conference.

  • But without Anthony Davis, they're vulnerable.

  • And now all of those other teams for like, hey, we got a chance to play well against them and you saw that tonight from the Miami Heat.

  • Alright, they host the Wizards on Monday, the Lakers and then they go to Utah on Wednesday may get shrewder back, but no Davis for a while.

  • Jalen.

  • Appreciate having you on the show, my man Thanks for the love.

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Jalen, we've got a fresh pie.

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Jalen Rose reacts to Draymond Green's late ejection in Warriors' loss | SportsCenter

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