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  • Anthony Davis.

  • The calf strain out 2 to 3 weeks, they're gonna reevaluate.

  • But you think 2 to 3 weeks From what I gather from what you said this morning, that should definitely be on the very short side off the situation.

  • I think the least this should be a month.

  • I think this is an injury that we've seen with Kevin Durant that you do not play around with.

  • And here's the thing for Anthony Davis, a guy who spends most of his time roaming on the perimeter.

  • He's 6 10 £250.

  • Okay, like that.

  • That's a lot of wear and tear on his body when he hits people with Euro steps and he moves so much around on the perimeter.

  • So my thing is, Look, the biggest question is now who can step up?

  • And what does this mean for LeBron James, age 36 years old?

  • What?

  • The reasons why they went after a D and they kind of, you know, took out the whole mortgage on the Lakers organization to get him is because LeBron James needed a running mate.

  • He needed somebody high level now, without having a d around how do you manage LeBron's minutes?

  • He's been averaging 35 minutes per game, which at this stage of his career, after only having a month and a half, two months off from last season, I think you really have to manage that.

  • So look, they have to stay in this, you know, top four seed in order to get home court advantage.

  • I think that's big for them.

  • Utah's playing better.

  • They're playing at the best right now.


  • They're playing well.

  • Phoenix is playing well.

  • There's a lot of momentum that other teams can catch up on them.

  • But how you hold out a D is gonna be monumental.

  • We just need him healthy.

  • When it comes around May and June.

  • That's when you need him healthy.

  • Yeah, I'm not.

  • I'm not worried about them falling out of the top four or five in the MBA until they get a D back.

  • I think that they could hold it together.

  • Uh, it's always interesting to find out what a player feels about his health.

  • You can't leave it up to Anthony Davis to make a decision on whether or not he's ready to go.

  • You have to leave it up to the doctors when they make the decision based on X rays.

  • MRI's things of that nature 2 to 3 weeks from now.

  • But I've also seen a D where things have been said, Oh, he's out for X amount of time and then he plays two games later, so I don't know where things are with him.

  • Um, you don't want to play with this.

  • You take it serious because much like J will, saying there's a lot of different movements that he has to do at playing the position that he plays with his Achilles with his ankles, with his legs.

  • And, you know, LeBron's minutes, LeBron's minutes.

  • LeBron James will let us know when he's tired of playing, and clearly he hasn't been tired of playing because we see right now he is the leading vote getter, in my opinion, for the M v P.

  • I would agree LeBron is machine, but here's where you worry about Anthony Davis.

  • Key is, you know you have to wait for the doctors to tell them it's OK to play.

  • The doctors told Kevin Durant it was okay to play, So all I'm saying is when you deal with the lower extremity.

  • If it doesn't feel right, 80 doesn't need to play, and I understand there's a sense of urgency is you know, we get later into the year, obviously, and he gets better and better.

  • That's great.

  • But you know LeBron 36 years old.

  • How how long is this window that you have with LeBron James?

  • I think it could be extended for a while.

  • Then LeBron James says a while, but I'm just saying injuries just cause a D.

  • J.

  • Just cause a D is is hamper.

  • Right now, he's not missing the entire season, so that window window is still there.

  • It ain't closed.

  • Yeah, no, I'm not saying I'm just saying This is the injury that always worries me because, you know, I get it, especially for big zit worries, especially what happened to Kevin Durant.

  • We we all first thing we do is we put up the red flag.

  • We said, Well, hold on, let's slow it down.

  • Let's take a look at this and I think the doctors and the medical staff and the trainers and his private doctors and his private trainers will certainly work in unison with the team doctors to make sure that everything is okay before he steps back on the floor.

  • Full tilt, by the way.

  • Well, I mean, you have DeMarcus cousins, Achilles terror, John.

  • Well, you have a lot of it takes a while to recover from that, and everybody recovers like Kevin Durant.

  • If that were to happen down, I hope it does not happen.

  • I do not want that to happen for Anthony Davis.

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Anthony Davis.

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