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  • - Wow. Beautiful. - Whoa.

  • - Now that's a crown. - Can I borrow it?

  • Sorry, Chikku. According to family tradition,

  • it can only be worn by the future king of Jalpur.

  • Meaning me.

  • My mother put it on display so everyone could see it.

  • - ( goats bleating ) - Goats?

  • - In front of the palace? - That doesn't sound good.

  • Don't worry, everyone. I will see what's going on.

  • Watch your goats. Be careful. Will you be careful?

  • - This is dangerous. - So sorry!

  • Goat herders, remove your goats

  • from the premises at once, please.

  • We're trying! Come back here, you!

  • Oh, no! Over here! Come to me!

  • Excuse me! Goat herders!

  • How did all these goats get here?

  • Mira, I am in charge today. I will handle this.

  • Excuse me! Goat herders!

  • How did all these goats get here?

  • Oh, your highness, we are so very sorry.

  • - We were herding our goats. - And we got lost!

  • Now our goats are completely confused.

  • My friends Mikku and Chikku are excellent at herding goats.

  • - I'm sure they can help. - Professional goat herders.

  • At your service, people!

  • No, no. Not to worry.

  • I will take care of this.

  • Guards, please herd the goats away from the premises at once.

  • - Both: Yes, your highness. - Come back here.

  • - Hey, come back here! - ( overlapping chatter )

  • ( bleating )

  • Uh-oh. A few of them just went into the palace.

  • Veer, you should really let the mongooses help you.

  • Okay, fine. Go ahead.

  • Both: It's goat time!

  • That's it. Moving right along.

  • Hey, you! Goats in the palace! Come on out here!

  • Good goat. Great goat!

  • Nice job, Mikku and Chikku.

  • - Thank you, squirrels! - We're mongooses.

  • We will be on our way now. Bye-bye! Come along, goats.

  • Now, that's taken care of.

  • So, let's go look at my crown some more.

  • I want to show you my favorite part.

  • Oh, no! The crown! It's gone!

  • - Uh-oh. - This is bad.

  • What is mother going to say

  • if she returns and I don't have it?

  • What kind of future king loses his crown?

  • Don't worry, Prince Veer. We'll find your crown.

  • We're on the case!

  • We're on the case, we're on the case

  • We're on the case

  • Look a little closer with your magnifying glass

  • Open up your notebook

  • Get your coat and badge on fast

  • Ask all the questions, follow your senses

  • Focus on every clue

  • Listen for answers, find what you're after

  • That's what detectives do

  • We're on the case, we're on the case

  • We're on the case

- Wow. Beautiful. - Whoa.

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Mystery of the Missing Crown | Mira, Royal Detective | @Disney Junior

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/21
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