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  • My name is Arturo Fontes.

  • I was an FBI agent for approximately 28 years.

  • People laugh at me because I left sunny San Diego

  • with beaches and everything and a nice big house

  • to be in a small town, in Laredo.

  • They call it "the armpit" of Texas.

  • [honking]

  • It takes you all the way into Dallas,

  • and it even goes all the way up North in the US.

  • Now this is an area where there

  • was the biggest number of trucks crossing the whole border.

  • It was a very important route.

  • The Gulf Cartel was shipping marijuana,

  • cocaine, heroin through Texas to across the United States.

  • The Gulf Cartel was onto a good thing,

  • but it was about to get a whole lot better with the North

  • American Free Trade Agreement.

  • PRESIDENT CLINTON: And after we'll pare down trade barriers

  • between our three nations, it will create

  • the world's largest trade zone.

  • Today we have the chance to do what our parents did before us.

  • We have the opportunity to remake the world.

  • ARTURO FONTES: In Nuevo Laredo, it's

  • more important than almost any other area in Mexico,

  • and that's why it's a battleground.

  • It's a crown jewel for drug trafficking-- everybody

  • wants that.

  • MIKE CHAVARRIA: Osiel was a genius at being able to read

  • people and manipulate them.

  • He was brilliant at influencing people to do things

  • that they shouldn't be doing.

  • In the special forces, they had

  • radio code with the zed letter.

  • So they would have, like, [speaking spanish]..

  • They're be like, you know, Z2, I'm on alert.

  • They quickly became called "The Zetas," or "The Zeds,"

  • after that radio code.

  • MIKE CHAVARRIA: Osiel saw in them a discipline

  • that your regular trafficker did not have,

  • and that was a militarized discipline.

  • A respect for chain of command, loyalty,

  • the willing to attack the hill when told,

  • regardless of the outcome.

  • We saw that the Zetas were becoming a threat.

  • There was definitely a foreboding

  • of things to come as the Zetas began

  • to grow and become stronger.

  • And they were learning the drug trade from the Gulf Cartel.

  • Osiel is definitely in the crosshairs of the FBI and DEA.

  • He is public enemy number one.

  • [gunfire]

  • The arrest was like a scene out of Afghanistan, Iraq.

  • [gunfire]

  • The Mexican military I believe may

  • have lost one or two soldiers during the course

  • of that gun battle.

  • [gunfire]

  • Osiel survived.

  • He was apprehended, but it was quite the shootout.

My name is Arturo Fontes.

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The First Militaristic Drug Cartel | Narco Wars

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