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  • Yeah, all right.

  • Just finishing up here another great day on the battle bus here in London.

  • And a lot of you have been hearing about this hashtag delete Facebook trend that's happening out there.

  • And what we saw was this massive tech giant again imposing its will on the people.

  • And what they did is they throttled information in Australia on basically didn't give people access or freedom to their own information.

  • And here in the UK, they said it was an attempt to derail democracy, and we actually have a lot of experience with this.

  • Last year we went head to head with another trillion dollar tech company, also known as Alphabet, which owns Google and owns YouTube.

  • Maybe that's why you're watching this video right now.

  • And we fought for our own right to free speech and here at London Real, the company that I've run for the past 10 years, we've been broadcasting long form conversations for 10 years.

  • I've had over 1000 people on my show.

  • Never had a single problem until April 6 of last year, when one of my episodes, which was the second largest YouTube live stream in the world, was deleted and banned, and it just didn't make sense.

  • That information wouldn't be allowed to be consumed because freedom of speech is something I hold fundamental.

  • And it's also fundamental to our democracy.

  • And so I just want to say to everybody out there who's struggling with a company like Facebook.

  • I've been there before.

  • We fought back.

  • We got a open letter that was signed.

  • I think a quarter of a million times on DWI really pushed back and got a whole movement around the world really behind us, a Sfar, a supporting freedom of speech or what I call digital freedom of speech.

  • And that's why, as your next mayor of London, one of my 12 key policies is digital freedom of speech, and you go to our website Brian from air dot London and read more about it.

  • But it basically says that in these times, especially in these crazy times where we're being locked down, you know freedom of speech is is really important because it determines what's gonna happen to our future.

  • Our livelihoods, the future of our Children and digital freedom of speech is even more important because when we can't talk to each other in person than were forced to use these technology companies to actually talk to each other.

  • And when that happens, then we see thes tech giants actually stop us from communicating, and that's what I think is really dangerous.

  • And that's why I really applaud everyone behind this hashtag delete Facebook campaign because we have to tell these tech companies that it's not OK.

  • It's not OK to censor us.

  • We just don't think that's appropriate.

  • And we think that freedom of speech applies even on our digital platforms.

  • And I know a lot of you say, Well, it's a private company, Brian.

  • They could do what they want.

  • I don't think they can because, you know, YouTube, for example, has a community policy, but they seem to be very arbitrary about how they choose to enforce that.

  • And I've been on the receiving end of that, and they basically can take down what they want.

  • And it has nothing to do with law many, many times.

  • And the truth is, most of us now communicate on one of these monopolies, whether it be YouTube or Facebook, and we've got to make sure that they follow the law of the land, and that's what we're going to do is well, when it comes to becoming the next mayor of London, I'm gonna fight for digital freedom of speech.

  • And I'm not gonna allow these tech companies to tell us what we can and cannot do when it comes to expressing ourselves freely.

  • So just wanted to say that when I send all my support to our brothers and sisters down there in Australia, we appreciate your fight and I agree with the people here in the UK That's a that's an affront to democracy.

  • We think that you should always have the right to information on the right to express yourself with each other digitally, you know, as long as it obeys the law.

  • And again, it can't ever incite violence.

  • It can't ever inside the overthrow of governments.

  • We've never been about that.

  • It's all about expression, and as an adult you should have the right to choose who you listen to and who you don't.

  • And if you don't wanna listen to someone great, then don't.

  • But that shouldn't not allow them to speak their mind.

  • So those are my thoughts.

  • We had a great day on the bus today.

  • Please leave your comments below.

  • Do you think Facebook should be held to task for withholding information in so many different sites that they should?

  • You think people should delete Facebook?

  • And do you think we should really fight back against companies like Google and YouTube and force them to respect my right to publish ideas?

  • You know, as long as their legal of the land, I think we should so limit your comments below.

  • Also, give me a shout out if you followed our fight.

  • Last year was pretty incredible.

  • We created our own, uh, streaming platform, that digital freedom platform, and we stream 40 or 50 interviews that wouldn't have been allowed on one of these big tech giants.

  • Some of those were with the professor emeritus of M i t.

  • Someone with those were with Nobel Prize winners.

  • I had a five star general on there that I had to stream on my own platform.

  • This is how passionate I am about freedom of speech.

  • Leave your comments below and again, Brian from air dot London support us volunteer for us.

  • Another great day on the road.

  • We are, um, are advancing in the polls.

  • We've got support everywhere.

  • Where in the evening standard today it's all going great.

  • We really appreciate you.

  • So make sure you get out and vote and spread this message.

  • All right.

  • Thank you so much.

Yeah, all right.

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