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  • What is the most important thought in your mind this morning?

  • That we were all right?

  • We were all right.

  • We told y'all Carson Wentz wasn't that thing good in the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Found out about that.

  • You know how they found out?

  • They went to an auction and there was only one participant that was in the Carson Wentz auction, And that was the Indianapolis coach.

  • Now, with that said, if you're Carson Wentz, that's the bad news.

  • But if you're Carson Wentz, the good news is you go to the place that you want to go, you have a good defense.

  • You have a good running game, you have an excellent offensive line and you have some young skill players on the outside.

  • This is his time to show improve.

  • If Carson Wentz can't win here.

  • If Carson Wentz can't be great here, he can't be great anywhere.

  • And Frank Reich is betting that he could be great.

  • Yes, I agree with that.

  • Completely and so nickel we come to you, Do you feel like it is Super Bowl or bust for the Colts this year?

  • Now that they've got their quarterback in place?

  • Yeah, of course, because when the head coach stands on the table for a quarterback to come in, that's not cheap.

  • I mean, you look at the contract of wins.

  • It's not a cheap contract.

  • So you would think that Frank writes future, basically, as the head coach is gonna hinge on the success of what once conduced can he get back to that 2017 form that we all saw?

  • I mean, you look at the last couple years having the injury after the A C.

  • L.

  • He seemed to never really be that guy.

  • That was mobile out of the pocket, running for first downs.

  • And then he had the back injury.

  • So he has dealt with injuries.

  • So now he goes to the Colts with, you know, the supposed supposedly a better offensive line, but actually in pass protection.

  • The Colts were 11th overall, and actually, actually, the Colts were 12th and the Eagles were 11.

  • So he's going to a place where the past protection is gonna be similar.

  • So it's going to come down to the head coach to see if he could maximize his potential.

  • Okay, so we will be talking about this all morning with this collection but I would like to now bring in a very special guest if you watch this show.

  • You know that when we think of Carson went, we think of Dan Orlovsky, who was taking time away from his family vacation at Disney World as we speak his kids Aaron Epcot riding Sauron.

  • But Dan decided to come spend a few minutes with us to talk about this so we appreciate this much.

  • Danny.

  • Everyone look, you talked about him a million times on the show.

  • It has finally happened.

  • What is the number one overriding thought in your mind?

  • Other Carson Wentz will play M V P type of football again in Indianapolis.

  • You know, I look at the Colts is definitely a Super Bowl contender next year.

  • I don't think they have to win it next year.

  • He's under contract in the next four years, but they're one of the top four teams in the A F.

  • C.

  • With Kansas City, Buffalo and Cleveland now, and the reality for Carson Wentz is because everyone talks about the confidence right?

  • What's the confidence with Frank?

  • Right?

  • You guys know this our senior, because you guys know this like confidence gets instilled in you from coaches, right?

  • And then, like, you just have to accept that.

  • Then you start to believe it yourself, and it's like that every day repetition.

  • And we often talk fit in the NFL greeny, and we just look at it for the scheme.

  • We have to understand that fit often starts with people and the people that you're going to be fitting in with.

  • Now that he's in Indy with Press Taylor and with Frank Reich, I think we're gonna look at a 2017 version of Carson once again and that that's the thing that I would say about the football team with the Colts in 2021.

  • They're gonna look a lot like that.

  • 2017 Eagles team did top five offensive line A run game.

  • I don't have a superstar on the outside.

  • They just got five really good pieces in the top 10 defense.

  • The culture is gonna be a big problem next year.

  • And Carson Wentz, mark my words, will play really good football.

  • I just heard a song, you see.

  • Go ahead, R.

  • C.

  • You see that?

  • That's what happened.

  • Dan been down there riding the tower of terror.

  • He'd been on the rock n roller coasters.

  • He'd been eating the Rice Krispie treats with the colored ears, and he's just all flowing in Disney World now.

  • But that's not how it works.

  • He doesn't in the in.

  • The great part is he actually doesn't have to play M v P caliber football.

  • See what you hope if you're the Indianapolis Coast, which they've hope since Andrew Luck had left this team and retire was, You know what?

  • We just need a quarterback to do the right thing.

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What is the most important thought in your mind this morning?

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