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  • this season, the MBA's G League will consist of 18 teams playing a 15 game schedule in the double at Disney World Pre Cove, it was supposed to be 29 teams playing 50 games in their home arenas.

  • But that's not the only big difference this year.

  • One new team is soaking up a lot of attention because it's different than the other teams.

  • It is a showcase for players expected to be top draft picks, not a team composed.

  • Entirely free agents of players have already been drafted.

  • This team, the ignite might be the spark that changes the player development model.

  • 16 years after the N B, a 19 year age minimum ushered in the era of one and done in college hoops, some of the game's all time grades played not a single game in college.

  • LeBron James, Moses Malone, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, to name a few.

  • But for a generation, attending college for least year was all but mandatory unless you wanted to play in Australia like Lemelle oh ball.

  • But now basketballs on the edge of a new frontier embodied by this team ignite in N B.

  • A owned and operated team designed specifically to develop highly regarded players who choose to skip college for the pros.

  • A G League All Star team his shot rejected.

  • Run out Jalen Greene.

  • Punch it down for me one time.

  • Wow!

  • The concept extends beyond merely preparing players for the rigors of playing in the NBA.

  • It's about teaching the life skills that are required to be a successful professional athlete.

  • It's like an extended rookie orientation symposium with a roster that includes several veteran eh NBA players like 37 year old Jarrett Jack, who are on hand to mentor the youngsters like Jalen Greene and Jonathan Comming.

  • Go players are eligible for what amounts to a scholarship to Arizona State.

  • That benefit is available throughout the league, but they won't be playing for coach Bobby Hurley because the nights players are pros and the money isn't nominal, as it had been in the past.

  • In the G League, elite prospects like Green, for instance, can make $500,000 plus this season to play in 15 games, their players on the roster from India and the Philippines.

  • Dominga is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the coaches, five time NBA champion and former NBA head coach Brian Shaw.

  • Come on, come on now down on the foot.

  • Alright, head on the slip.

  • With the ignite, the MBA is giving players a plausible path to league that does not include setting foot on a college campus, giving it more control of the process of developing the next generation of superstars and by giving the best players more options.

  • Night might force change in the college game, too.

  • And for more we're joined now by ESPN n B A draft analyst Jonathan Davone.

  • Jonathan is the ignite really going to change everything?

  • Well, Jeremy, what the ignite team has done in their first six games and the Djelic bubble has been really eye opening.

  • I was in Orlando for three days last week watching games alongside NB executives, and you could see how excited they were about what they were watching.

  • It's just a much cleaner evaluation for them as watching MBA prospects match up with former NBA draft picks in a 48 minute game played under MBA rules.

  • You know where we saw some pretty unique circumstances lying up pretty well for ignite.

  • I mean, they've been practicing for six months here daily with some really highly qualified MBA veterans like Jared Jack and Dante Hall.

  • You know, to answer your question, I don't think that one and done is going to be eliminated anytime soon.

  • Which is why, like this is even more important as an alternative pathway to the MBA for guys that don't want to play college basketball.

  • Well, why won't they get rid of one and done with Adam?

  • Silver has said he wants to see it gone and expects that at some point soon, maybe the next c b A.

  • In a couple of years that it will be negotiated away.

  • I mean, I think I think that one and done makes sense for the MBA, MBA scouts, NB executives.

  • You could talk to them.

  • They really like the system that's in place right now.

  • It was hard for them to go out to high school gyms, you know, watching guys play against nine other you know, non Division One prospects and get a feel for what type of pros they're gonna be.

  • So I think college basketball or ignite or, you know, Europe International, these air.

  • It's a good stopgap for them.

  • They would much prefer that is the N b a.

  • Expecting Jonathan in the future to see all the top players.

  • I mean, the guys, the very top, perhaps lottery choosing the ignite because of what they're making available to those players.

  • The money, the scholarship, the access to MBA veterans who are going to, you know, teach you the ropes about that.

  • You know, you know, the CIA has a TV contract with CBS that extends into 2032 for the N.

  • C.

  • A.

  • A tournament.

  • They make almost a billion dollars off that they're going to change these n I l rules pretty soon, allowing teams toe players to benefit from their name, image and likeness on.

  • I think that they're going to come pretty aggressively at some point to try and head this off, because it's not a situation that, you know, college basketball coaches, college basketball programs are enjoying.

  • Watching right now is the world of college basketball, viewing this as a really threat toe what it has been doing for now, um, nearly two decades.

  • I mean, they're set here for the next 11 plus years.

  • You know that they have a contract until into 2032 so they have time to figure this out.

  • You know, we know that the elite one and done players guys like Zion Williamson.

  • They move the needle for TV in a huge way in terms of ratings.

  • So losing these guys year after year is not going to be good for college basketball.

  • It's gonna hurt them.

  • But I just don't know that IGNITE is a part of the national conversation just yet.

  • In college, basketball is pretty firmly entrenched in the calendar, so I think that there is going to be opportunities for them here to head this off.

  • You know, it's not the last we've heard about college basketball.

  • No bold new model, however, for player development that has been flying somewhat under the radar.

  • Jonathan, thank you so much for joining us.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

this season, the MBA's G League will consist of 18 teams playing a 15 game schedule in the double at Disney World Pre Cove, it was supposed to be 29 teams playing 50 games in their home arenas.

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How the G-League's Ignite is challenging the one-and-done college model | Outside the Lines

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