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  • Now, Jimmy says, you can book it for the Heat in the playoffs.

  • But as we talked about their play, not quite getting there them there yet.

  • They have lost three out of four currently, sit outside.

  • Not just the East playoffs, but really in danger of not even making a play in game there in 11th place.

  • Right now.

  • Richard, what do you think is going wrong for them?

  • I think there's a little bit of a hangover.

  • I think some of their young players need to step up their game, Obviously not having Jimmy for that extended period of time.

  • Lack of practice time, the short layoff.

  • Sometimes all of these things go into a pot, because when a team is struggling, especially one like this, it's never one thing.

  • And sometimes it's not two things.

  • But do I believe that the Miami Heat will make the postseason?

  • Yes, I do where they fall in that rank, I'm not sure, but there are five game winning streak, winning seven of nine and then they'll be back in that playoff mix.

  • Well, I'm gonna say this.

  • You guys were in the bubble.

  • I didn't have the pleasure to be in the bubble.

  • I think that has a lot to do with, You know, a lot was said about guys who played well in the bubble and felt like it was secure and enclose and didn't have to worry about the outside world.

  • It's a little different now, and I think you're you're starting to see a little bit of that as well.

  • But you know, I look at the second part of the season for a lot of these veteran teams like of Miami Heat.

  • They're getting their guys back.

  • They have a chance to get healthy and they could make a run.

  • They're not too far to 2.5 games out of what eighth place.

  • If I'm not mistaken, so they have a chance.

  • And I believe that Jimmy Butler and he's already said book it, so I'm booking it right with him.

  • Well, they have a chance, especially in in Eastern Conference, where there are still on Lee, four teams in the East that even above 500.

  • Every time I look at the standings in the morning, I do a double take Dave.

  • I wanna look at it from a Lakers perspective.

  • Even without Anthony Davis.

  • How do you think LeBron and the Lakers can best leverage the heats Current weaknesses when they meet up tomorrow night?

  • Well, Richard, you go back to the finals.

  • After the Lakers lost that epic Game five, there was intense film session where Rajon Rondo grab everybody's attention.

  • Of course, he's on the Hawks now.

  • But a lot of these guys were in that film session, he said.

  • We got to get the ball out of Jimmy Butler's hands and let the rest of the team beat us, and they can still try to replicate that game plan.

  • And this is the type of game where the Lakers just want to feel good about themselves again.

  • You know, for the last week and a half, they've been scuffling along.

  • They had overtime games against lesser opponents.

  • They had Anthony Davis injury.

  • They've lost two out of the last three games.

  • Dennis shooters Status is up in the air, but they're playing at home.

  • Guys like Alex Caruso, Kyle Kuzma look across at their opponent and say, Man, the last time I saw these guys, who was the greatest day of my life when I wanted to be a championship.

  • Let's try to get some of that feeling back on.

  • D Feel good about a Saturday game.

  • Primetime ABC.

  • Go back home to my own bed.

  • A winner.

  • I think it could be a get right type of night.

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Now, Jimmy says, you can book it for the Heat in the playoffs.

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