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  • We have the starters on the All Star Game and they forgot about game.

  • I don't know what happened to fan vote.

  • They voted Luca.

  • And instead of Dame Lillard, why is Dame Lillard not starting in the All Star Game?

  • Mr Rose, I'll tell you why Dame Lillard isn't starting in the All Star Game.

  • The same reason there were multiple years in the past that he wasn't starting in the All Star Game.

  • That the fans get the vote and he plays in Portland and they play at night late at night as it relates to East Coast fans.

  • That's all it ISS.

  • And then they just happen to Dame everybody.

  • This been happening since the beginning of time with the fans voting.

  • I remember my brother Bubba.

  • Chuck Allen Iverson wasn't starting for the Pistons, but starting in the All Star games, you see what I'm saying.

  • And so this is why they continue to try to modify how many the power of the fans and try to get a medium or power and try to get the players more power to try to split the vote.

  • But ultimately, I just don't believe the fan vote should affect the starters at all.

  • I don't think the fans should expect the starters at all because we know if it didn't then Dame Lillard would have been starting over Luka.

  • But since Luca plays in Dallas and he has an international flair and he's a fantastic player, he's gonna be probably more popular amongst the fans getting their votes.

  • And so, therefore, Clary, Curry and and Luca gonna probably be starting the next five years.

  • Yep, in the All Star Game, if the fan vote is still the way it is right now, Jalen, remember when Yonas tend to Campo, you see him as a starter in the East.

  • Remember when he signed that contract and I told him not to.

  • I try to tell him not to sign Justo wait for one year because that exact same deal will be waiting for him after this season.

  • Well, he signed the contract anyway, didn't listen to me.

  • And now the Bucks.

  • They've lost five games in a row, and they just lost to the Raptors last night.

  • Do you think Yanis regrets signing that huge long deal with the Milwaukee Bucks?

  • There aren't any regrets.

  • When you almost signed for a quarter billion dollars.

  • You get the bread first, especially during the pandemic.

  • You get that money.

  • And then if this season happens and you look at the squad kinda like James Harden and decide that you know what poor Zynga's Luca outfit kind of good with them.

  • Butler Bam outfit Really good with them.

  • Then you go to the squad and let them know that the window is closing for the people that watch this show.

  • You know, I'm a champion for Yonas and how much I want him to stay in.

  • Milwaukee stood on the table, still standing on the table.

  • I want him to stand Milwaukee.

  • You know why?

  • Because, yes, there roster has some flaws and they're playing without Drew Holiday and they're not really athletic on the wing.

  • But most.

  • Most of the time, great players get a pass from the media because we say, Oh, the organization ain't do enough to build around them and that's true.

  • In many cases, however, we don't acknowledge the weaknesses of that great player.

  • Yonas has to get better to making threes and making free throws.

  • And when your best player can't close, that's why they're the only team in the NBA when trailing going into the fourth quarter.

  • Hasn't won a game, hasn't come back once, hasn't wanted to come back once this entire cities.

  • And, you know, you have been standing on the table saying he should stay in Milwaukee.

  • I went the opposite.

  • You know me.

  • I like the drama.

  • I'm joining Luca.

  • I'm going to Dallas.

  • I'm going to Miami.

  • I'm out of there.

  • If I'm honest.

  • And if I'm honest, I'm also having second thoughts.

  • Even though he did sign for a quarter billion dollars, I am having second thoughts about my future Milwaukee this early in the season.

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We have the starters on the All Star Game and they forgot about game.

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Jalen Rose on why Damian Lillard isn't starting in the 2021 NBA All-Star Game | Jalen & Jacoby

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