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  • Africa's reported death toll from Kobe 19 past 100,000 on Friday.

  • Andi is rising fast, according to Reuters data.

  • It's a grim milestone that other continents hit a while ago.

  • North America has registered more than half a million deaths.

  • Europe is approaching 900,000 that a second wave is filling the continent's casualty wards and pushing up fatalities driven by the southern region.

  • Theo, economic powerhouse of South Africa, has suffered nearly half of all the reported covert 19 deaths for the continent.

  • It was bad.

  • It was very bad.

  • People were dying it.

  • People were dying.

  • I don't know how many people I declared before I enter in office during the coffee time.

  • The the Rain, or Layla, is an emergency care technician and one of the half a million healthcare workers being inoculated as a part of a research study in South Africa.

  • I'm very happy and very excited, but most countries on the continent have not started getting shots in arms, while richer Western nations have raced ahead with mass immunization programs.

  • International aid group Doctors Without Borders this month called for urgent vaccine distributions in southern Africa to counter the spread of the 51 y dot V two variant, according to Reuters data, the continent's case fatality rate, the proportion of people dying after becoming infected is 2.6%.

  • That's higher than the global average of 2.3%.

  • Though experts warn against reading too much into the data, the real toll could be lower or higher.

  • In South Africa's epidemic.

  • For example, excess deaths that's deaths over and above the normal rate have reached over 137,000.

  • That's almost three times its official covert 19 toll.

Africa's reported death toll from Kobe 19 past 100,000 on Friday.

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Africa's COVID-19 deaths pass 100,000

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