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  • Okay, So Draymond Green popped off last night.

  • Warriors all over the cabs, 1 29 98.

  • But he didn't have any problem.

  • Listen to what he's about to say.

  • You tell, maybe a popping up.

  • It had nothing to do with his teammates.

  • It was an easy win, a 31 point when over the Cavs.

  • But he wanted to address the double standard that Dre scenes in the n b A.

  • For equal time.

  • We need to get Chuck.

  • We need to get Barkley because you know those two guys, they'll get along as well as you accepted by the way in the last segment.

  • Okay, so here's the deal.

  • Draymond Green essentially saying, Look, teams can state publicly, they want to trade a player and nothing happens.

  • There's no penalty if a trade is put out there by a team, and they put it out there.

  • However, ah player can be fined if they publically say they want to be treated.

  • Member like Anthony Davis got fined $50,000.

  • That's all folks T shirt.

  • So that's his double standard.

  • Teams can do one thing, get no penalty players come out and say, I want to go, they get fined.

  • And then Draymond said this about that double standard tow.

  • Watch Andre Drummond before the game, Uh, sit on the sideline and go to the back and then come out in street clothes because the team is going to trade him is good, because when James Harden acts for trade and essentially Dog did, I don't think there was no surprise or no.

  • You know, there's no one's going to fight back that James was dogging it his last days in Houston, but he was castrated for one to go to a different team, and everybody destroyed that man.

  • And yet a team can come out and say, Oh, we want to trade a guy And then that guy is to go sit.

  • And if he doesn't stay professional, then he's a cancer and he's not good in someone's locker room.

  • And he's the issue key.

  • The floor is yours.

  • What do you think of that statement?

  • Yeah, Draymond has a point, though.

  • It's a double standard, you know, but the NBA or the NFL, whoever these organizations are in professional sports, they, you know, feel like they're paying you the money.

  • So you're supposed to do things on their terms versus your terms.

  • And when you look at what James Harden?

  • Yeah, he was kinda raked over the coals based on how he handled the situation, and he apologized eventually, but it still wasn't good enough.

  • And then when you look at the situation right now with Drummond, like Draymond said, now he gets toe preserve things for the team, meaning like he can't harm himself by sitting down or and not playing.

  • So therefore, they're trading a healthy asset opposed to damage goods if something were to happen.

  • Is that a double standard?

  • Yes, it is a double standard, but I also feel like the tone by Draymond seems like, you know, players being marginalized to agree, right?

  • Andi, that's not the case.

  • The players are extremely powerful and obviously having a platform that can utilize their voice to express something differently.

  • What I will say this is this, though, is sometimes I think there's what's happening now with where we are with the amount of money that players are making.

  • Um, it is starting to become a little bit confusing.

  • I'm all for player empowerment.

  • They're able to do what they want.

  • I want them to be able to do what they want to a degree, but they are also employees, and these are their employers.

  • Right players were not at the same caliber.

  • You know, guys who own major portions of teams are so within the day the employer is going to do what's in the best interest off the team, and that's the right.

  • When you sign that contract to degree, you may not like the way they go about doing it.

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Okay, So Draymond Green popped off last night.

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