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  • I want to talk about my final point, which is how we can get London back toe work.

  • And again, there's been a lot of great questions today from entrepreneurs saying, Brian, what can we do?

  • What can we do?

  • First of all, we must strengthen the economy when we strengthen the economy.

  • It strengthens all things.

  • And I had a great guest on the show the other day.

  • Luke Johnson, one of the founders of Pizza Express and I've had countless numbers of entrepreneurs, economists from Imperial College.

  • I've had people in the hospitality sector.

  • I had Steve McNamara off the London Taxi Drivers Association, a union of 18,000 black taxi tribe drivers.

  • They all came to me and they said, Brian, we've gotta find a way, get to get back to work Steve McNamara said.

  • My driver's air struggling from mental health.

  • I take a cab home every night.

  • They said, Brian, you're my first job of the night.

  • You know, I could barely survive here, and I'm going crazy at home.

  • Gotta find a way to get London back to work, and I agree with all these people.

  • I had John Graham from the theaters Trust that, said Brian, we can safely get our theaters back.

  • I have a solution, but our government won't won't let us do it.

  • I'm here to find solutions, and I believe that if we can give a timetable of how we get out of this crisis, we can allow our business people to start investing in the economy.

  • Now they need a road map out, and it's so crucial on the truth is is there are six boroughs in the capital right now.

  • Knew him.

  • Herring Gay Barnet Brand Townsville on wall in Waltham Forest They've all suffered a double whammy of the highest levels of furloughed workers here in the UK, and that's gonna turn into unemployed workers unless we solve these issues right now, with our economy again, this lock down hurts the lower income areas worse than anything else.

  • And it's the untold story, and it's something that we need to talk about right now and Lambeth Council, where I am right now.

  • Recently, an article says that it has quote one hell of a job coming according to a leader there in the council, as it hears of a £42.7 million overspend following the Cove in 19 response.

  • We've got boroughs in the city that are struggling, and I'm literally on the ground right now in Lambeth and they're suffering from a 40 £3 million overspend because of Kobe, and there's no end in sight.

  • I really feel for these councils that are struggling, and that's why I'm going to every single one of the 32 boroughs in the city and I want to hear your challenges and I want to offer solutions.

  • But let's be honest.

  • Getting London back toe work is the one move that will help strengthen everything I'm talking about.

  • It's gonna provide strength to our communities, tow our families, tow our transport structure to our health infrastructure.

  • It's gonna provide even solutions to some of our knife crime issues.

I want to talk about my final point, which is how we can get London back toe work.

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GET LONDON BACK TO WORK ?: How We Can Get London Back To Work In A Safe Manner - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/20
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