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  • the Chicago Bears were actually the last team that I filled in in this exercise, and I gave them Sam Darnel, which, of course, means something for the Jets will discuss in just a little bit.

  • But the Bears, in my exercise, do not trade for Carson Wentz.

  • They need to make a quarterback move.

  • Donald needs a change of scenery in a major way.

  • He's just 23 years old.

  • Perhaps Matt Nagy believes he could be the player many thought he would be when he came out of USC.

  • And if Sam Donald is now a Chicago bear, that means that somebody else is now in New York Jet.

  • And that player is Zach Wilson and Greeny.

  • I am not trying to play to the crowd here.

  • I am here to tell you that Zach Wilson.

  • Maybe he is a consolation prize because Trevor Lawrence is so prodigious, but he is absolutely worth the number two overall pick in any draft.

  • This guy is a playmaking extraordinary.

  • He has got an incredibly quick release.

  • He is extremely athletic.

  • He's got a confidence about him that will bode really well.

  • The NFL level, the Jets and Zach Wilson is a marriage that I think makes all sorts of sense beginning in 2021 again, the whole pieces up there on ESPN.

  • Plus, he's got quarterbacks everywhere.

  • It's fascinating, but let's talk that one for the moment.

  • And Chris, you host.

  • For those who don't know Chris Hostal local radio show on ESPN New York every weekday morning, 5 to 8 a.m. Talking football.

  • And so what is your perspective on the Jets that the draft really does start at number two?

  • Because we all know what's happening at number one.

  • What do you believe that the Jets will do?

  • They have to draft a quarterback at two greeny?

  • I mean, how often are you gonna be in this position if you're Joe Douglas being at the top?

  • In their case, they were in this position three years ago and they drafted Sam.

  • Donald, absolutely in their general manager had the foresight to move up.

  • And then they've gone about systematically ruining that quarterback, firing their head coach in his rookie year and then firing the general manager that drafted him going into his second season.

  • So, yeah, there's been a lot of dysfunction around Sam, Donald and so you would be led to believe that most of the issues that they've had with his lack of production could be attributed to that.

  • But the fact is, you just don't know.

  • And when you weigh the opportunity, cost and what you could potentially be passing on that, too.

  • It just doesn't make sense for Joe Douglas to miss out on the opportunity to take a quarterback.

  • Do what?

  • I'd like to hear you on both sides of this.

  • What do you believe the Jets should do?

  • And if Donald does get that fresh start in Chicago, for instance, what do you think he could become?

  • Yeah, I think.

  • I think if you're the New York Jets, you absolutely have to draft a quarterback at two for a couple reasons.

  • Number one.

  • You know, for much of what Chris talked about with the New York just organization, how they just, you know, totally about, you know, mess this thing up with Sam, Donald from the get go to him getting drafted.

  • But I think the bigger thing is when you have a quarterback like like Zach Wilson, the opportunity to reset the contract not only is a highly touted quarterback and has all the tools.

  • So I think, to be very successful in the National Football League.

  • But you also, from a cap perspective, get to reset that cap and then allocate more access to building around Zach Wilson.

  • They have a ton of draft picks, a ton of cat space.

  • Now you reset that with the new head coach.

  • I think that's the direction that the New York just going as far Assam, Donald's concerned.

  • Listen, Green.

  • I've always been a big believer in Sam Donald's talent.

  • He obviously needs, I think, a change of scenery.

  • But the one question I have with Chicago, you have a coach in general manager to me.

  • Who on the hot seat are you willing to?

  • Are you willing to bet on a quarterback who's who's been spotty at best in New York, or being in an adverse conditions with all the changes?

  • But are you willing to bet your career on a guy who really hasn't panned out in the National Football League yet?

  • Right?

  • It's a good question and field.

  • It would really as one who was obviously followed the situation closely.

  • I would feel bad for same Donald because be another spot where he just never got a shot if he wants it going to Chicago and they fired the coach and he's one more year when one more system, that would be he'd be on his fifth head coach going into his fifth season in the NFL.

  • And there's no one who could succeed under those circumstances.

  • Yeah, I as I mentioned when I started going through my rip of the quarterbacks earlier, this was the last quarterback that I placed Sam Donald going to the Bears.

  • It was sort of like we've got one team.

  • We've got one player that I believe should be a starter somewhere.

  • It's not a great option, but the Bears air entering some desperate times right now.

  • They can't settle for running it back with Mr Robiskie, obviously.

  • And who else are they going to get right now?

  • Sam Donald might be a player that checks the one box of being young enough to believe that we can resurrect his career, but also not being that expensive for 2021.

  • But the Bears have their hands tied in a lot of ways this year.

  • It's a messy situation, right?

  • Fascinating, obviously, work our way towards the draft a little more than two months away.

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the Chicago Bears were actually the last team that I filled in in this exercise, and I gave them Sam Darnel, which, of course, means something for the Jets will discuss in just a little bit.

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