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  • this cold feels it just goes right through your bones.

  • In addition to being without power and having no Internet to be able to do schoolwork.

  • We also don't have any water, as you can see them in my car right now because it's the only place we of heat.

  • Hello.

  • Hi, Henry.

  • This isn't helicopter.

  • I'm not trying breathing now.

  • I'm not comfortable.

  • I'm in.

  • Henry is 92 almost 93.

  • My most concern is about keeping camp warm.

  • I took four blankets, wrapped him up really tight, like a kind mummy.

  • And I got bathroom cows.

  • So lay on top of them because at night are temperature in the house.

  • It said 30 to get fluid in his lungs, they had to compromise his breathing.

  • Our oxygen tank is on zero way had no oxygen, so I called the hospital nerves, but they can't get through.

  • They tried on Monday, but it was too icy, slippery.

  • She turned back around.

  • We are in San Antonio rolling power outages.

  • We've got a comforter nailed up over our window with a sheet and blinds behind that candles that are completely covered throughout the room to help conserve body heat.

  • all our kiddos are in the room.

  • A swell, of course.

  • We've got blankets and towels at the bottom of all the doors, and we have duct taped up at the event.

  • Aziz Well, to keep a draft out.

  • It's been about four days on and off, about two full days without and then rolling blackouts since.

  • And we never know how long it's gonna be on if it's gonna be on for five minutes or for an hour or five hours way.

  • Never know.

  • We've been eating dinners here, uh, in the bathroom, so our bathroom is really cold, but we've been storing beautiful Lego buildings and absolute garbage food that doesn't have to be heated or cooled or prepared or anything like that.

  • But we've been collecting snow and melting it on the grill.

  • We've been collecting it in the bathtub so that we can use it to flush the toilet.

  • It's been tough keeping all the grown up concerns to the grown ups on letting the kids just have fun.

  • E.

  • My favorite thing is being with my family together.

  • You put the sensor light up there, so whenever way keep moving, its it'll stay on made a pot of beans.

  • Been here for all my life, and this is this is the craziest I've ever seen it here Way.

  • Try to wash the dishes in the dark there, but we get it done.

  • So we have this in the garage and it's a block of ice.

  • Now the perishables inside refrigerator or, you know, going bad.

  • So we my daughter had a great idea by putting snow inside the ice chest.

  • Oh, my God.

  • The power just came on.

  • Okay, let's see how long we can get this going for.

  • I gotta plug in my phone way.

  • Kept thinking when he came on, that was it were good.

  • You know, we'll be fine.

  • Oh, on Tuesday or Wednesday we were using the gas fireplace so that we could have some sort of heat, and we started smelling gas both inside and outside the house.

  • So we called 911 We got out of the house as quick as we could.

  • 911 never came.

  • Three hours pass.

  • Finally, the gas company comes out.

  • We have a massive leak.

  • They were able to shut the gas off, but like I said, we were sitting outside with our dogs in one blanket for three hours waiting for someone to respond.

  • And I think we're in for another freezing night tonight, So there's no telling when this is going toe end or when we're going to be able to get back to normal life.

  • You just want this to be over.

  • We're not used, Thio.

this cold feels it just goes right through your bones.

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Texas storm: 'He's 92 so we wrapped him tight like a mummy' - BBC News

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