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  • he's a top six or seven player in the NFL.

  • You know, I think that the reality for this move when it comes to the Colts is it places that I think there's four teams as you sit here today that are top of the A F C conference.

  • Kansas City Obviously, Buffalo obviously Cleveland, and this puts Indian Net Top four.

  • Number two.

  • I would put Carson Wentz into the M V P conversation.

  • I believe in him and Indianapolis that much.

  • And then three.

  • I'd say this this 2021 Colts team is gonna look a heck of a lot like that 2017 Philadelphia Eagles team.

  • You're talking about a top five offensive line in run game.

  • That's what he had in Philly.

  • Philly didn't have a star in 2017 head like four or five really good pieces around him.

  • That's what India has Top 10 defense.

  • Think that this is a absolute home run for the Colts and something that the Eagles will absolutely regret two or three years from now as spring training happens all over the country is really a home run.

  • Did he say Carson Wentz, his top six?

  • He did that when it's right when it's clicking, what do you think?

  • Key Top six.

  • What do you want me to say?

  • I'm asking me.

  • Oh, hey.

  • Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott.

  • Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson to Shawn Watson.

  • Well, no, no.

  • Hold on, you are.

  • You just mentioned quarterbacks, he said.

  • Top six player, I believe, Player.

  • Not quarter way.

  • Gotta have deal on.

  • But look, he can't with this.

  • Here's what I would say about what Dad sat there.

  • Dan is absolutely right about similarities to the 27 2017 Philadelphia Eagles.

  • There's similarities.

  • There's a great offensive line.

  • Jonathan Taylor at the running back spot.

  • Good players on defense.

  • Young young, young, young Frank, right young, wide receivers in Michael Pittman Jr s.

  • So when you start toe, look at it on the surface, he's right about that now, whether or not they could get him back to that form, we have to see because Frank Wright was an offensive coordinator slash quarterback coach.

  • He's not the offensive coordinator slash quarterback coach anymore.

  • He is the head coach, so his priority is a little bit different.

  • His focus could still be on Carson wins, but it's a little bit different because his focus is not solely on Carson Wentz.

  • His focus is now on 52 other guys coaches.

  • It's just a different responsibility than a position coach.

  • Now what I would say is, when you look at Carson Wentz, if his mind is right and he's not broken from his time in Philadelphia, and he's not fragile, feel like if he makes a mistake in India, they're gonna bench him a pulley.

  • Then he could become a success story in in Indianapolis.

  • And if not, then they'll be looking for another quarterback in a couple of years to.

  • But this top six stuff, you know, damn and damn puts a lot of damn puts a lot of yeast on it.

  • And when you start talking about, he's a top six player.

  • I mean, you listed the quarterbacks.

  • Let's not even get into the other positions, because if Christian McCaffrey's in that mix, where is he?

  • If he's healthy, you know Michael Thomas from the New Orleans Saints.

  • Where is he?

  • If he's healthy, I mean, so let's not you know, uh, not even including Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald D oh just was excited.

  • They're a little bit.

  • Uh, that's all.

  • He's just a little excited.

  • That's his guy.

  • He backs Carson Wentz.

  • He likes quarterbacks.

  • I understand.

  • I get it key.

  • You mentioned the word top six.

  • That's a very APRA poll word because the Eagles actually are picking in the top six of the draft.

  • We're not talking about top six players.

  • We're talking about picking in the top six.

  • They're actually at the number six position.

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he's a top six or seven player in the NFL.

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Is Carson Wentz a top 6 player in the NFL? KJZ reacts to Dan Orlovsky's take

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/20
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