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  • Why are you here?

  • Defined Water Dragon in that obvious big guy.

  • My girl Ryan are gonna fix the world.

  • Let's catch you up.

  • It is so excited to be the first Southeast Asian doesn't princess.

  • It is a big deal, right?

  • Is one of the fiercest characters in Ryan.

  • Last Dragon Way were inspired by things about Southeast Asia to create a wholly original story and fantasy world called human dra This'll land used to be inhabited by mystical dragons, which brought magic and harmony.

  • But over time the land split apart.

  • Our lands have been at war for a long as we can remember, and now she's on this mission to bring this world back together with this ragtag group of misfits waste to join this fellowship of Kick Away.

  • I think the animation on this movie is on a totally different level, and it's amazing when you think that this movie was animated from home.

  • It's incredible, you know, we have a crew of 400 plus people.

  • We were animating lighting, having story meetings.

  • All of that was done from everyone's home with dogs and cats and babies.

  • Yeah, it could only have happened because everybody is passionate about the films we make, and they brought that.

  • I mean, the movie is, I think, one of our most beautiful films, You and the Dragon.

  • You're coming with me.

  • Hmm.

  • My sword here says We're not.

  • I have the honor of being with the marshal arts consultants on the film.

  • I got to incorporate the knowledge I had from Southeast Asian martial arts into those fight sequences.

  • You see, weapons get pulled out from Bryan, that air scream A that come from the Philippines.

  • When you see by following fights that you could go, that's our niece.

  • That's Moutai.

  • That's crabby crab booth level of action In this movie.

  • It's pretty tight.

  • It's pretty tight.

  • The world's broken.

  • You can't trust anyone.

  • I think the themes of this movie are so relevant.

  • Maybe it's broken because you don't trust anyone learning how to find the goodness in the world.

  • I think it's such a beautiful, important message.

Why are you here?

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