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  • Adrian Ward, Danowski joining us from home and woes.

  • We got to talk about the 70 Sixers because they're obviously having a ton of success.

  • But could they be active still, before the trade deadline may be tying up some loose ends on their team?

  • Maria, there are more of their president has been active and listen.

  • He's always looking for the big blockbuster deal that may not be available.

  • ATTN This trade deadline to areas where the Sixers would like to improve.

  • I'm told you know, number one getting a 45 man.

  • A power forward center who can shoot the ball, perhaps, Ah, player like Sacramento's pneumonia.

  • Barletta, who is, uh, probably who is available in this marketplace.

  • And then, you know, they have some specialists like Shake Milton, Matisse.

  • Teibel who do one thing.

  • Well, Milton on the offensive end Bible on the defensive end.

  • Can they find some or two way players, uh, for their bench?

  • Aziz.

  • We get closer to the deadline.

  • Yeah, and the deadlines coming up quick.

  • Woods.

  • That's March 25th.

  • We appreciate you stopping by.

  • I know you'll be here tomorrow for the show, and we've got to watch pods coming your way this week.

  • The last one with Carmelo Its's a good one to make sure you tune in or download the podcast.

  • All right.

  • Coming up here on N B a countdown.

  • We're still getting you set for the 70 Sixers and the Bulls and our guys, they're still here with us.

  • We got J Rose.

  • We got Jalen and we got Uncle P.

  • So talk to me guys about what you just heard from woes.

  • If you are with the 76 there's what are you looking to help with this team?

  • What kind of shooting do you need?

  • Their 26 in bench scoring?

  • I mean, what is the most important piece that they want to make a run into the finals?

  • Jalen?

  • Well, they could use more.

  • Absolutely.

  • But when you talk about getting more shooting at the four or five, you really just acknowledging Ben Simmons his role and the bottom line is it's time for people to accept Ben Simmons for who he is.

  • He's already basically accepted, acknowledge and now starring in a role that he's just not gonna be a shooter outside of the paint.

  • He's gonna be a great finisher.

  • One of the fastest players in the game and dominated transition.

  • That's why they have Curry.

  • You hope Danny Green makes shots he's starring in that role.

  • And so I don't see Philadelphia making a major move if it doesn't involve NB or Simmons.

  • And Tobias Harris, to me, has elevated himself this year and deserves an All Star not Whoa.

  • Well, we saw what Ben Simmons could do with that 42 points to when Joel Embiid wasn't in.

  • So we we know what he's capable of.

  • We know he's a defender, but that scoring with great to see two on Monday.

  • Uncle P, what's your reaction?

  • What you just heard from Jalen?

  • Well, yeah, I think they could use a little more deaf, maybe some athleticism at the perimeter.

  • I mean, you got Ben Simmons out there, but I feel like they need another perimeter defender who could maybe shoot.

  • But that that that's that's hard to find in this day and time, because when you're talking about being in the playoffs with the lights of having to guard guys like a d uh, James Harden, Jayson Tatum Brown, uh, I just think they need that extra wing defender out there who could also maybe knock down some threes.

  • Not taking anything away from Tobias Harris, who has been great.

  • He's been great ship, maybe make the All Star team, but I just think they could use some athleticism on the perimeter.

  • That's gonna add them some depth.

  • Well, guys, we got to be honest.

  • The people has been on the bandwagon for the 76 with the longest is probably J Will.

  • I think it was a season ago that he said that they were gonna win it all like, let's be honest, he's been waiting for this moment to come for a long time.

  • So would you like to gloat now?

  • Jay will or forever hold your peace e saw before it was about to happen.

  • I still have Brooklyn as a favorite.

  • Um, but, you know, look, could there be a guy you say shooting J Rose right?

  • Like a four or five shooting.

  • I mean, I don't know why every time I hear four or five shooting a guy who doesn't really dunk, I think Oh, Blake Griffin, maybe on the buyout market.

  • Nell.

  • I'm not saying that that's a great relationship he has with Doc Rivers That's fractured, obviously do their days back in the Clippers days.

  • But here's the one thing I worry about like Joel and be like once again, lower back issues.

  • How will this factor into how Doc utilizes him tonight against the Bulls and also throughout the course of the season, like Joel and Beat, you need him to be healthy down the stretch because he is a difference maker on his team?

  • If you can add some depth behind him, I think I could make a game a game changing difference.

  • E.

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Adrian Ward, Danowski joining us from home and woes.

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