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  • scientists say there's been a strong decline in the number of covert infections in England since the latest locked down began its working.

  • It seems, researchers at Imperial College who have been tracking the pandemic say infection rates have dropped by two thirds.

  • But there are warnings that virus levels are still high, particularly among the under 25.

  • Here's our medical editor, Fergus Walsh.

  • Lock down is working.

  • Draconian restrictions on society mean Corona virus has fewer chances to spread, but that's meant closing schools, shops, pubs, Jim's putting normal life on hold.

  • The latest evidence comes from 85,000 swab tests sent out to households across England.

  • The survey by Imperial College from the fourth to 13th of February, is good at picking up cases among those who don't know they're carrying the virus.

  • The survey found that infections have fallen by two thirds across England in the past month, Onda down 80%.

  • In London, the researchers estimate that infections are Harv ing every 15 days.

  • But they warn that prevalence of the virus is still high, with one in 200 people across England thought to be positive, similar to levels seen in September.

  • We know that the presence of the virus was much lower last summer, something like 10 times lower.

  • And clearly the more people who have the virus and some of them will not have symptoms, not know they're carrying the virus, the more likely it is to transmit to other people.

  • So the low we could get the prevalence the better.

  • There are still nearly the same number of covert patients in hospital as of the first peak in April last year.

  • But there are now tentative signs that vaccines are beginning to save lives.

  • Among the over eighties, the first to receive a Kobe jab, deaths among the over eighties have fallen by 54% since the middle of January.

  • Much of that is due to lock down, but they're falling faster than in younger age groups, where they're down 45%.

  • As more and more people get vaccinated, that should start bringing down cases as well as deaths at the minute the over seventies, they only make up about 10% of cases, but over 80% of deaths.

  • As we start vaccinating younger people that affect that we're seeing in deaths, we should also start to Seymour arm or in cases.

  • But there are concerns about the lower take up of vaccines among black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

  • You may not always trust what you hear on what you see, but you can trust the vaccine.

  • A video urging people from all ethnic backgrounds to get the vaccine is being shown across commercial TV channels on the NHS will be distributing leaflets in 20 different languages to try to dispel myths about the vaccine.

  • The vaccines do not contain animal products or fetal products.

  • They do not affect your fertility.

  • So if you are offered the vaccine, please please take it up because that is what will keep you safe, All right.

  • Boris Johnson will set out a roadmap for easing restrictions in England on Monday and has promised a cautious approach that will focus on data on not dates.

scientists say there's been a strong decline in the number of covert infections in England since the latest locked down began its working.

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Big fall in Covid cases in England but infections still high among under-25s - BBC News

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