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  • My name is James Common Job.

  • I work at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, which is outside the city of Baltimore.

  • Um, I'm an international student advisor.

  • Eso I worked with our incoming international students.

  • One of the big draws off our school is that it's ah, it's a great research school.

  • It's a mid high school, about 12,000 students, and you have about between 8, 809 100 international students from over 100 countries.

  • So it's a pretty diverse campus.

  • It has a heavy influence in the sciences technology.

  • Um, and it also has a liberal.

  • Adds background.

  • So students who wanna, you know, do the site of the social sciences that UMBC is a great school.

  • Um, I think one of the reasons why you NBC is also, uh such a popular school is that it's in the Baltimore D.

  • C area in the D.

  • C.

  • Corridor.

  • So it za popular destinations for students to come and study.

  • It's a great place to, you know, to potentially do internships after studies have done on.

  • We encourage you to look, you know, the school UMBC as an option for coming steady.

  • You can find a valuable information on our website, which is Deputy deputy deputy, U.

  • N B C E D, um, slash admissions.

  • Or, if you're a grad student slash brad grad.

  • Well, from a social side of things, D.

  • C is a very diverse.

  • The D C area is a very diverse place.

  • You know, there are people from all over the world who live in work in the area, so there's a lot of cultural experiences that you would probably not getting other cities, other areas.

  • Eso.

  • You would find a niche that you would like what it's based on your ethnicity or your background.

  • There's always something for everybody that may not be in other places.

  • Uh, eso.

  • I think it's because I think it's a great place and you know, there's everything for everybody what it's, you know, looking for something to dio outside your curricular work or finding a networking group of students or folks who, whether it's a hobby, sports soccer group or lacrosse or whatever it is, there's something in the area.

  • Well, total is I think it's an easy it Z, one of the easier, uh, exams for students who are looking to come to the U S uh, Thio, do another graduate grad program and it is a requirement for other admissions on we find the total exam to be a worthwhile and, uh, une easy exam for our students to be able to take and gain admission into our institution.

  • So we always recommend students to to do the total examiner.

My name is James Common Job.

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TOEFL Destinations: University of Maryland in Maryland, USA

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