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  • e mean, So this is actually exactly what you look for is a climate like a big crowd striking feature.

  • And that is a nice tower.

  • And you see it in a nice location.

  • I'm like, Oh, that That does look cool to climb.

  • Flynn Rider is actually soloing up this tower.

  • You know, he gets to the top, and you can't.

  • You can't argue with results.

  • Oh, wow.

  • With that cliff, lots of good features.

  • Looks very easy to climb.

  • Cody here is employing some very technical climbing skills.

  • It is exactly what we're looking for for as a climber.

  • I'm pretty sure I saw him do a hand jam in that crack.

  • You stick your hand in the crack and you do a jam and you pull off.

  • I agree.

  • Actually, I think the filmmakers did a good job on this.

  • I mean, right being kangaroo, perhaps less realistic than the climbing.

  • So this is a really proud feature.

  • These are the types of formations that really inspire climbers and really inspire me.

  • Wanna is doing great.

  • She's a champion.

  • This would be a major climbing destination if it was really so this is definitely an unconventional setting for any kind of rock climbing.

  • I wouldn't normally recommend Alpine climbing in high heel boots.

  • Well, and climbing and mittens is a hard no e would suggest crampons and ice axes.

  • Then you can come admittance because using ice tools and from where she has I would walk around with left and climb that big tongue feature of snow.

  • I think on a would be a really great Alpine climber if she had the right equipment.

  • This is an unfortunate situation to find yourself in.

  • Is a climber curious what's gonna happen when it gets too wide here and they can't span anymore?

  • Because this is a legitimate full body chimney technique.

  • I've never seen it done back to back.

  • Normally you have your own back against one wall and then you're walking your feet up the other one.

  • But this technique is something that, uh, Alex and I will probably have to look into for a really white chimney.

  • I actually did a move, not this similar to this in the climate gym yesterday, basically pushing as hard as I can, I can barely reach to a thing I can't quite reach in.

  • It's like everything straining and like that type of opposition stuff where you're pushing us hard as you can is definitely a part of finding.

  • Think about climbing next to a waterfall is if they're strong, wind the waterfall from the shift upto hundreds of feet in any direction.

  • So the little spire that she's on looks like it could just get hammered by that waterfall.

  • She also seems to be strong enough to cut herself when she's falling and clearly unfazed.

  • And most importantly, it looks like she's having a great time, you know, in some ways making the film free solo was very simple because it was just documenting.

  • My normal life is just all the things that I wanted to be doing is a climber and several my best climbing friends where they're documenting the process.

  • But the reality is that any kind of production is slightly stressful, and I mean, basically, it's just really hard climbing and really hard filmmaking.

  • And so obviously there was challenges involved.

  • A lot of the projects and stories that I like to tell revolve around the human spirit and around, uh, human potential.

  • I think National Geographics Free Solo was really about those things I mean, I guess there's one take away from free solo.

  • It's It's that, you know, ideally, make clear choices with how you wanna live your life and and then follow.

  • Follow this sort of, you know, actually execute on on the way you wanna live.

  • You know, I think Alex really showed there are no shortcuts and that it takes just really, really hard work.

  • You can achieve anything.

  • Make sure to check out a National Geographic documentary Films Free Solo now streaming on Disney plus.

e mean, So this is actually exactly what you look for is a climate like a big crowd striking feature.

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