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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with

  • your pronunciation question today's question is how do i

  • pronounce the words modern current times and modem

  • a gateway to the web let's take a look at our words we have

  • modern and modem so to say these words correctly we're

  • going to think about two syllables ma

  • dern and mo dum these words really get confusing because

  • of the spelling but if you think about it this way it's

  • going to be much easier so let's start with

  • modern so to say modern we're going to think about this

  • short oh sound and to do this your mouth is going to be open in a wide

  • oval shape tip of your tongue is going to be low in the mouth and the back of

  • the tongue is going to be pulled up oh for the o

  • you are going to move from an open o to a puckered

  • mouth this is going to allow your tongue to move from

  • low to a little bit higher in the mouth o

  • o so we have ma and mo ma mo

  • then we're going to move to the endings the difference here is the

  • earn and the um so to say dern focus on this e r

  • n and to do this you're going to have square

  • tense lips for that er er tip of the tongue is either down or flipped back

  • whichever one it is just not touching the teeth

  • and then you're going to end by touching the back of the top front teeth for the

  • n earn earn

  • ma dern modern modern

  • modern and then for modem we're going to end with that um and to

  • do this your mouth is going to be open and

  • relaxed for that uh sound nice and short and then close your

  • lips for the m m dum

  • mo dum modem modem modem so again we have

  • modern modern modern modem modem modem

  • modern modem and now in a sentence a modern modem is required if you

  • work remotely give it a try people are going to notice the difference if you

  • found this helpful please give us a like a share and a subscribe check out our

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  • much everybody

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with

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How to Pronounce MODERN & MODEM - English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/02/19
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