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  • you mentioned, um, your family and how they're around and they're hanging around the house.

  • I have two Children.

  • They're older than your kids.

  • My kids are, you know, sort of mid teen age years.

  • Your kids are how old?

  • Uh, our daughter is just about to turn 11.

  • Andare son is five.

  • OK, here's a question.

  • I have my kids at 17 and 15.

  • Their schoolwork is way beyond my comprehension.

  • Now, if its history, I can maybe help them out a little bit or English.

  • But in math and sciences, I'm humiliated because, first of all, they would never go to me for help.

  • But in no way can I comprehend what they're studying.

  • Is your daughter at that level yet?

  • Oh, I e mean, she was at that level three years ago.

  • Um, does, um, I know that your daughter is she Does she like reading?

  • Is she a reader?

  • No, she is not.

  • Um, yeah, she's not a reader.

  • And I remember having a conversation with her, and she was like, or and she's telling me e knew she didn't like to read, and I was explaining to her look, the only way to get better at reading is to read, and she fired back at me immediately.

  • And she was like, Well, is that why you're so bad at guitar?

  • Because you don't play it on.

  • I said I played all the time.

  • It it really it stung me in a way.

  • Yeah, because she wasn't saying it to be a burn.

  • It sounded like she was just being honest about your guitar playing in a way that she also was one of those, like, left hooks that you just don't see coming where you go.

  • Look, I'm trying to help you and guide you through this as a parent.

  • And she was like, Oh, yeah.

  • And the response was so natural and honest on dso biting and affected me emotionally and my ego in such a way.

  • Um, it really it was a tough one for me to swallow because I'm just learning.

  • I started playing guitar like, two years ago.

  • You only two years if you started.

  • If you've only been doing it for two years, you can't be hard on yourself.

  • I am.

  • I am.

  • I want to be good.

  • So bad.

  • I don't know because you played quite a bit.

  • I'm assuming that you're that you're in a position where you'll have to play.

  • I think I've seen you having to play where you're with, you know, slash or something.

  • Yeah, I've had I've had the opportunity to play with people, uh, you know who really, uh, who do it for a living.

  • That's very humbling.

  • Like, if I played the times I've played with, like, a Jack White or Ah back or, you know, um, you know Billy Gibbons or anyone like that, I decide to as much as possible.

  • Just stick with rhythm, just stick with rhythm, and every now and then, um, e get It's almost like I can feel my ego getting the better of me, and then I'll step out and I'll try a little bit of lead and quickly remember, I'm a comedian.

  • This'd is not what I should be doing.

  • So yeah, I, um, rhythm Just just stay in the pocket, do rhythm and, uh, and and try not to.

  • I try not to expose myself as this hack amateur, you know?

  • Yeah.

  • I'll tell you a horrible story.

  • I My daughter is friendly with Tom Morella's child.

  • Wow.

  • And they go to school together.

  • And I'm sure you know, Tom, he is one of the all time coolest human beings on earth.

  • Great guy and an insane guitarist.

  • Yeah, and then also one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

  • So, you know, our kids were playing together and they're always in, like, some sort of sport.

  • You were on the sidelines watching, and I just see him quite a bit.

  • Um, and my relationship with him predates me learning how to play guitar.

  • And so I picked it up on the show, and as soon as I started really getting into it, I really got into it and I was so excited.

  • And it's seen Tom a couple of times, and all of a sudden, internally, my relationship to him changed.

  • And, um, I started looking at him in a much different way, so envious and aware that the connection that we had was not a real one.

  • Anyway, I'm sitting with him one day, and I have made a note to myself mentally never to bring up that I play guitar or that I'm just starting to learn and we're sitting there were talking.

  • We sort of run out of conversation.

  • There's not anything left.

  • And, you know, clearly we're still gonna be standing there and in a really moment of weakness, I said, uh, well, Tom, you're never gonna believe this, but and it just can't.

  • But I just started playing guitar.

  • Yeah, and as soon as as soon as I said, I knew it was a mistake.

  • Yeah, you're like, I'm a bit of ah, just you know, you're not the only guitar.

  • You're not the only guitarist in the room.

  • I play a little is Well, yeah, it was so bad, so bad, and I could heat and I He was so nice about it.

  • But it also was devastating.

  • And then I you know, I was like, I felt bad for the rest of the day.

  • I was beating my really beating myself up.

  • And then much later, I'd say, I don't know, a month or so later, I see him outside the school, and he's sort of walking.

  • We're passing each other, and in this moment of greeting, he sort of goes, Hey, man has the guitar.

you mentioned, um, your family and how they're around and they're hanging around the house.

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