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  • your current mayor of London is failing to protect your mental health.

  • He's also failing to invest in our younger generation, and he's failing to innovate and provide solutions for our citizens.

  • Let's look at some of these numbers because it's very sad indeed.

  • We are currently facing a spiraling out of control mental health crisis.

  • According to the Office of National Statistics, depression has doubled almost one in five adults.

  • Currently, 19.2% are currently experiencing some form of depression right now.

  • Now, to put that in perspective, that's up from 97% of adults, or about one in 10, that we're feeling that in February before the pandemic.

  • But it gets worse.

  • We've seen a rise in eating disorders and Beat, which is a charity for people with eating disorders in the U.

  • K.

  • Has seen a 73% surge in people accessing its services for help.

  • And that means it's needed because this increased time that we spend with family with a lack of gym facilities and an upset to our routine can intensify our mental health issues.

  • And leave me a comment right now.

  • If you feel that this lock down has made your mental health worse sometimes were locked up with family.

  • Sometimes we're forced toe work from home.

  • Our Children can't go to school.

  • And that makes depression that makes struggles with eating disorders even worse.

  • So leave me a comment if you're struggling with this right now.

  • But the problem is is that for our younger generation it gets even worse.

  • And Beat has said that the crisis is hitting our youngest generation the hardest, meaning that there is a doubling off urgent referrals for Children with eating disorders right now as we speak.

  • So again, I want you to type in and give me a comment right now.

  • Tell me, have you felt an increase in depression?

  • Have you felt an increase in a struggle with your mental health again?

  • Almost one in five adults, or 19.2% are currently experiencing some form of depression.

  • Right now, we're all struggling with different ways of coping it with it.

  • And I want to know how you're feeling right now.

  • Please answer the following questions for me.

  • First of all, tell me what borough do you live in and tell me what's the biggest challenge you're facing and What's the question you wanna ask me?

  • Second of all, answer this question.

  • Does lock down damage your mental health?

  • Is it causing depression, especially for our younger generation?

  • Also, are these mental health issues gonna hurt us Mawr in the long term?

  • And are you suffering?

  • Do you think it was right for the police last Sunday to detain us to find us and ban us from campaigning?

  • And is it politically motivated?

  • And finally, do you think that free and fair elections should take place on May 6?

  • And do we need new leadership, new ideas?

  • And do we need to take London in a new direction?

  • I want to go to your comments right now, and there's a lot of them coming through.

  • First of all, there's a few from our website and I really wanna call these out.

  • There's some excellent ones here.

  • We've got Tracy and Barking and Dagenham That says this quote.

  • Wow, This is really heavy, Tracy and bargaining says this quote.

  • Having had two sons stabbed, I lost my nephew, who was only 31 on New Year's Eve, stabbed to death.

  • Wow, This is hard to re Tracy knife crime needs intelligence addressing and knife detecting equipment for all police to carry better funding for police.

  • Tracy goes on to say, Do you intend to do this as my nephew is in the chapel of rest now?

  • This could have been avoided if police did better security checks on people and put orders on them to keep apart when police are called.

  • Our family is devastated with this tragedy, unquote, and I just must say, Tracy, I have to say, I'm so, so sorry that this happened for you.

  • I just It's really even just hard, actually, to read this out.

  • Two son stabbed and lost your nephew on New Year's Eve.

  • I mean, this is very hard to hear.

  • Tracy.

  • It shows how much you know it's important that we start to look more seriously about how we police our communities.

  • And she's calling out for better ways to search for people if they're holding knives.

  • She's searching out for better ways for us to police our communities, and I was speaking with a man named Dean, okay, and I spoke to him after I spoke at home.

  • Martin back in November and December, we were allowed to go to community events, and Dean came up to me afterwards and he said Brian, I spoke with senior members of the police and he said Even they have said we can't police our way out of knife crime And I also said when I was on stage I said this and maybe this will mean something to you.

  • Tree See, I said, when teenagers air stabbing teenagers, it's not their fault.

  • It's our fault because we failed as members of our community.

  • We failed to get the right policing and the problem is very complex.

  • But it means a few things.

  • First of all, we need more police on the ground.

  • Second of all, we need to enable police to make sure that knives are not part of our community, which means we need zero tolerance policy for anyone carrying a knife.

  • But we also need mawr options for our Children in our communities, which means we have to reopen our community centers.

  • Under the current mayor, he has closed down community centers.

  • He shut them down, he shut down their budgets.

  • We've got to find new ways of investing in our community centers, which is why I know that corporate investment in our community centers will mean our younger Children have other options.

  • It also means that we can use those funds to give them other other things that they can do.

  • We can also better fund our police, which means they can have more police officers on the street, and they can better search for these things again.

  • This is at nightmare proportions.

  • The current mayor of London just had his 1/100 teenager murdered on his watch.

  • Every year the current mayor has been in office.

  • We've seen night crime rise and rise and rise and rise.

  • And Tracy is one of the many citizens that is suffering from this and it is unacceptable.

  • And I promise that we will find solutions, and that means more police on the ground.

  • That means empowering the police with more technology and more ways to police the community.

  • That means empowering our communities with more and better funded community centers, and Tracy, it means making sure this no longer happens.

  • London You know, it really leads the world when it comes to these horrendous knife crime statistics, and we've got to take ownership of it, and we need a change of leadership, or we're gonna have three more years of the current mayor and his shocking statistics.

  • So, Tracy, I probably speak for all of us were sending out all of our energy and all of our condolences to you and all I can say is, as your next mayor of London, I'm gonna solve these problems, and I'm gonna stop giving you excuses.

  • And I'm gonna stop blaming other people, which is all our current mayor does.

  • So thank you for your comments, and we're sending out your support as well.

your current mayor of London is failing to protect your mental health.

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SOLVING KNIFE CRIME IN LONDON ?: The Steps I Will Be Implementing As Mayor of London - Brian Rose

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