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  • We cannot allow the goalpost to be moved every time we are about to reach freedom.

  • That's a quote that came from Sir Graham Brady, and he is the chairman of the Tory 1922 committee of backbenchers.

  • And he was referring to the fact that, you know, positive tests, hospitalizations and deaths have all been falling rapidly.

  • And yet we don't see a clear way out of this lock down and this mess that our prime minister and our mayor have put us in.

  • But it wasn't just him.

  • It was actually former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, who also said Quote, We need to get people back to work as soon as possible.

  • And it's nice to hear that it's not just me that's calling out for some real practical action and a road map of how we're gonna finally get London back toe work.

  • What we're looking at here is people that seem to be playing political football with what's going on, and so again, you probably heard me four or five months ago argue that there wasn't enough evidence for a lock down, and at some point you could clearly see from public health.

  • England there wasn't the case.

  • Now there seems to be evidence, and yet we don't see a road map out.

  • There seems to be a roadmap of a road map, and the prime minister seems to be hedging his bets once again.

  • Meanwhile, the citizens of London pay and I know people out there that work in the hospitality sector.

  • I have friends that own wine bars or shall I say, usedto own wine bars.

  • I know people in the theater area.

  • I know people that work in tourism that are hanging on by their fingernails, just trying to keep their business barely alive.

  • And they need answers.

  • They need communication.

  • They need a road map.

  • They don't need the's big.

  • Maybe we're back in May.

  • Maybe we're back in July.

  • We don't hear anything from our leadership, and that's frustrating.

  • All we hear is the usual fear being used as a weapon.

  • We don't see a plan, and yet we see the numbers.

  • Now the goalpost seem to be there.

  • And yet, as Sir Graham Brady said, they seem to be moved on us once again, and it zra fresh ing to see that I'm not the only one that's frustrated out there that it's actually coming from conservative members of the parliament and they're voicing this is well and I guess I need you to join us with the voices.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Do you think it's time now, based on all the numbers that we were told and the consequences that came when the numbers went up, to not give us a clear roadmap of how we can safely get back to work and I don't know, maybe show us some innovation, some ideas about how we can get London back toe work in our hospitality sector, back up, get people back safely into the city of London, the economic engine off this city and the whole country of Great Britain?

  • I think it's time that were given the courtesy of those plans and that information, and that's what we're asking from our prime minister and we're asking that from all of our leadership.

  • So again leave your comments below, tell me what you think it's It's curious to me to see two senior members of the Conservative Party both saying the same thing, that we finally have the evidence to show us that it's time to come out of this.

  • It's time to grow our economy and one final thing that you know, Syrian Duncan Smith, former Tory leader, said.

  • He said getting back toe work it's not just about work.

  • It's about promoting our physical and mental well being, giving people a structure, something they could hope for, a routine that's important to them.

  • And it's it's nice again to see senior members of the party talking about the bigger aspect of what this lock down is cause, which is It's just it's devastated our mental health for our younger generation, and I have a teenage daughter toe all of us that just don't know what's happening and don't know what the future holds.

  • We see it now.

  • We just need our leaders to allow us to do what we want to dio, and that's to get back to work.

  • So again leave your comments below.

  • This has been my cornerstone policy for the past four or five months that since I announced my plans to be the next mayor of London, it's funny now to see a lot of other candidates talking about getting London back toe work and look, they're welcome toe join our band wagon.

  • That's fine with me.

  • Let's just make it happen.

  • Let's make it happen For the citizens of London, for this great city that deserves to be top of the notch, you know, deserves to be the greatest city in the world again.

  • We're not there yet, but we could be, but it's gonna take the right leadership.

We cannot allow the goalpost to be moved every time we are about to reach freedom.

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“We Cannot Allow The Goalposts To Be Moved Every Time We Are About To Reach Freedom” #BrianForMayor

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