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  • (upbeat country rock music)

  • - First shot of the day, what a treat.

  • - It's 7 a.m!

  • (upbeat country rock music continues)

  • - All my friends in one place, how lucky we are.

  • - When they call for me,

  • then I will be present and available.

  • I'm just going to walk you around the bunkhouse a little bit

  • point out some of the most cowboy stuff in here.

  • A chess board. Chess is a game invented by cowboys

  • in the year 1830.

  • We're missing a pawn.

  • - No, you're kidding! Shit.

  • - Five things you didn't know about Ian Bohen.

  • Ian Bohen is a B positive blood type.

  • (gunshots)

  • He's a very good golfer.

  • Ian Bohen is a tennis hustler.

  • He'll pretend he doesn't know what he's doing,

  • and then he will fucking smoke you.

  • - That's pretty fucking descriptive.

  • - He's a man of refined tastes,

  • (hollering)

  • but he also has a lot of fun sort of fucking around

  • and rolling around in the dirt.

  • (grunting)

  • Ian Bohen rules.

  • - I play pool very seriously. I take it very seriously,

  • as serious as his face right now.

  • - Denim Richards is a vegan.

  • Denim Richards is a very, very talented opera singer.

  • (opera singing)

  • Denim Richards is incredibly emotionally intelligent

  • and has helped me

  • through some of the hardest times of my life.

  • - That's what we call karma, bitch!

  • Denim Richards loves Boston terriers.

  • I think has like seven Boston terriers almost literally.

  • And Denim Richards loves the film The Danish Girl.

  • He once told me that was an elite acting movie.

  • - You just don't appreciate quality filmmaking.

  • - Oh no. Yeah. We lost one.

  • So now we're using a, like, wood screw.

  • - This is about-

  • - Loser has to go like this

  • (Growling)

  • - I'm not kidding,

  • This is actually how I would warm up for Teeter.

  • - I really liked this hair.

  • - ♪ Cut it myself with kitchen scissors. ♪

  • When I was a little anxious the other day. ♪

  • - I feel so handsome.

  • I feel really handsome.

  • - You know, I feel really handsome too.

  • - Okay, well great.

  • - I feel really handsome. I'm dropping some weight,

  • I feel really handsome.

  • This is how our whole like working experience has gone.

  • - So, five things that people do not know

  • about Jefferson White.

  • He loves pugs to the point, if we see a pug on the street,

  • while we're driving, we must pull over

  • and greet this pug in person. It's ridiculous.

  • Loves coffee. Cold brew, especially.

  • Every single morning, it's his ritual to wake up

  • and go to a coffee shop, and do edits

  • on all of his friends' comedy stuff.

  • He gives a lot to a lot of productions of his friends.

  • because his biggest thing

  • is making sure that his friends feel empowered.

  • Everything that he does

  • comes from a place of wanting to make people laugh.

  • And so you cannot beat that.

  • (upbeat country rock music)

(upbeat country rock music)

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