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  • We don't have the rights to play for you, unfortunately, but he wrote on And I love talk radio and TV 12 sports, and he just played a bunch of clips of people essentially suggesting that he was done, that he was finished, that his best days were behind him.

  • All the rest of that You see the smiles on everybody's face because look, talk radio raising my hand.

  • All right, 30 years and counting.

  • We've been doing it d would.

  • That's your old teammate there.

  • Tom Brady.

  • He's listening, right?

  • The idea that he doesn't hear the critics, he is listening, and now he's keeping receipts.

  • Well, first of all, TV 12 has great social media team because they've been putting out this type of content for wow.

  • But it just It reminds me off when I played with the Patriots and and, uh, and Coach Belichick would be on the Stairmaster with this whole packet of off clippings from news news media.

  • Just all the things that were said that he would be highlighting them to play, to show us in meetings or night before game.

  • So I think Tom is very good at, you know, copy and Bill Belichick in that manner.

  • Isn't that fascinating?

  • I just pick up on that thought because I'm not trying to heard that before.

  • That Belichick, who is We all know the king of saying nothing in press conferences addressing nothing.

  • You're telling me that he was paying close attention to the things being said about him and his team.

  • Absolutely, like they're greedy.

  • There were so many times I would have to come in in the morning for workouts and stuff like that.

  • Bill would be on the Stairmaster, and we have a huge clip off papers and all those type of things.

  • And he would be working out and highlighting everything that everyone was saying in the media, and he would be telling us and showing us during our meetings in 1940 games.

  • So when you hear people up in New England say they don't they ignore the noise, Trust me, no.

  • They are paying attention to everything that we have to say.

  • That's fascinating.

  • Don't ignore the noise.

  • Use the noise, use it to your benefit field.

  • You had an interesting comment earlier today on the way you reacted to Tom Brady's social media post here I hated it.

  • Greeny.

  • I hated it.

  • I've been on Twitter for 12 years.

  • I agonized over tweets toe hope that they're funny or insightful.

  • Tom Brady has been doing this for like, two years.

  • He's got the best Twitter handle on the entire app.

  • Tom Brady puts out golden content every time I turn.

  • This was yet another masterstroke by Brady and for all my fellow broadcaster, sports reporters, media members out there that are watching this show right now.

  • I know what you did for the about 100 seconds of that video.

  • You watched with bated breath, hoping that you hadn't said something that might have made the video because we're all asked to make a lot of opinions and we don't always get them right.

  • But you're all sitting there nervous.

  • I was nervous.

  • I'm thinking to myself that I say something along the way.

  • Over the past six months that might have suggested Tom Brady had fallen off at all.

  • Fortunately, I didn't make the cut, and I know now I will never, ever, ever, ever question Tom Brady.

  • Let me say this quickly, as one who's been doing this a little longer than you I bet you the number of people watching that hoping they were in the video was greater than the number of people watching and hoping they that is the reality of this business.

  • Chris Canty Quick reaction.

  • What do you think of Brady?

  • Well, listen, I wasn't with Field in terms of watching because I wasn't one of the ones that was predicting Tom Brady's demise.

  • I was gonna be the last one to show up to that party.

  • But good on Tom Brady for rebelling in it, Man.

  • He goes down to Tampa in his first year, winning the Super Bowl.

  • After everybody said he was washed up in his last season in New England, he should be able to enjoy this.

  • So good on Tom Brady patrolling everybody.

  • Heck yes.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


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Tom Brady trolled his critics for doubting him yet again in new video | Get Up

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