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  • half past the hour on ESPN and and I don't know if you heard this or not.

  • Draymond Green, Divided devoted almost the entirety of his postgame news conference Monday night.

  • Who, talking about the way in NBA teams treat their players citing various examples of double standards around the league.

  • It was fascinating.

  • Give a listen to part of it.

  • Watch Andre Drummond before the game, uh, sit on the sideline, then go to the back and then come out in street clothes because the team is going to trade him is bull because when James Harden acts for trade and essentially dog, but he was castrated for one to go to a different team.

  • As players, we need to be treated with the same respect and how the same rights that the team could have, because as a player, you're the worst person in the world when you want a different situation.

  • But but a team can say they're trading you, and that man is to stay in shape.

  • He is to stay professional, and if not, his career is on the line.

  • So that got a lot of attention for a lot of obvious reasons.

  • And Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond are two players who right now are on the verge of being traded in the n b A.

  • And so they've sort of decided the team's not to play them under these circumstances.

  • And I wanted to bring in God's from two different sports here, so dominate Big perk back with us and Booger.

  • But perk, I'll start with you because it is from the MBA where this conversation emanate.

  • So what was your reaction to what Draymond Green said the other night?

  • Well, you know what J.

  • Draymond spoke up for high.

  • A lot of players feel right and you have to be very, very careful because I'm gonna tell you this the N b A.

  • The average MBA careers 3.5 4 years.

  • I was fortunate as a role player to make it 14 seasons.

  • Okay, and here's the thing.

  • He was right.

  • It was a lot of truth to what he was saying, But I must say this if you're not a superstar and you're not all star type player, you're a role player and you're trying to stay in the NBA.

  • Your best bet is to be a true professional and sometimes you have to roll with the punches because if you're trying toe, maintain the job and and keep making good money, Look, we're watching guys I watched.

  • I'm watching a guy by the name of Kevin Porter Jr right now who's down in the G League, and it has nothing to do with his plan.

  • It has everything to do with his lack of professionalism.

  • We all know that he should be in the NBA, But guess what?

  • GM talk on this talk.

  • Uh, you know, scouts talk, everybody talking.

  • The first thing that they asked is what type of professional this guy is or what type of person this guy is.

  • And once you get labeled on professional, it's hard to stay in the league and you could find yourself on the outside looking in One more example.

  • Real quick.

  • Granny, Just look at what happened with Carmelo Anthony.

  • He wasn't labeled Ah, cancer.

  • Anything to that nature.

  • They just laid with him as a guy That was a T end of his career that didn't want to take a lesser role, and he was out the league for like a year and a half.

  • So you have to be careful if you're a role player.

  • Dominique, I think your perspective on this I wanna make sure everyone knows you were the president of the NFL Players Association and then subsequently had a significant role at the MBA Players Association.

  • So you have, ah, sort of an intricate understanding of the way some of this business works.

  • What do you think of what he said?

  • So I think the two, there's two different conversations being had.

  • What perk is doing, I think is useful is telling players how to operate within the system.

  • And what Draymond is doing is telling the system or the people who run the system, what's wrong with your system and how we should move it to a more perfect system.

  • So I understand both of those standpoints.

  • If I had a kid in the in the MBA, I will be telling them some of the same things that I'm purchasing.

  • But I would also be yelling at the organizations about how this is unfair and inequitable, and I think that a lot of people look at this and think about how we're moving in um or player empowerment direction, particularly in the MBA and particularly with star players.

  • And they still get that backlash if they try to take ownership of their careers, in part because when players take ownership of their careers, they're labeled cancers or not team guys.

  • When teams start Thio, mess around with guys careers, they say, Hey, it's a business So we just want for that I think that what dream understand is he just wants the equity for to be treated fairly.

  • And it reminds me of like when Curt Flood challenged the reserve clause and I know back in the day people looked at that like, Oh, but this is a team.

  • You can't do that But we all accept that free agency is something that should exist in sports now.

  • So I think that at some point we'll get to the point where we all accept that players deserve the same type of latitude that we give to.

  • The team's Curt Flood was the first ever baseball player again.

  • He became a free agent, sort of began the modern era of sports as we know it.

  • There are three different places where this criticism might emanate from.

  • One could be from within the sport which is what Kirk said.

  • Another could be from the traditional media, and then the third in this day and age is from social media.

  • It's just from fans all across the country, and I think the players air hearing Ah, lot of that as well.

  • Booger McFarland.

  • What is your perspective?

  • Well, green e think we're the point in society right now where it's no longer take the snap and throw the ball or shut up and dribble.

  • Players that have star power players that have status are being able to use that.

  • We're seeing the Sharon Watson we saw James Harden, James Harden.

  • We saw so many players that air using their star power, their talent to make a move.

  • What I would say is this in the day and age of sports and Dominic you the perfect person to bring this up to in a day and age of sports where everything is collectively bargained to me what Draymond is saying, Hey, let's treat everybody the same.

  • If it's okay to be trading, I've been traded.

  • There's nothing wrong with trading a player, but why do you have to bereted the player out, make him sit on the bench changed the street clothes.

  • Then, when the player on the other side comes out greeting to your point about social media and says that I want to trade now, everyone, including us in the media, we make this player out to be a Paride.

  • So is there some way from a collectively bargain standpoint, whether it's pro football, whether it's basketball, that we can come up with a way where these players aren't treated unfairly in a day and age, Dominic, where everything is collectively bargain, anything can be a.

  • The problem with that is you can't collectively bargain jealousy, and I think that's where a lot of it emanates from his fans in particular.

  • And some people in the media have a lot of jealousy because their 20 year old, 20 something year old black guys who are making a lot of money playing the game and for them to be upset with their situation.

  • The reaction to that is how dare you and I can't collectively bargained people being reasonable.

half past the hour on ESPN and and I don't know if you heard this or not.

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