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  • and Phoebe Bridgers, and I'm about to read some dreams that people tweeted about me.

  • This is tweet dreams.

  • Good morning.

  • I just had a dream that Phoebe Bridgers did a song with Megan the Stallion called Love and Texas Man.

  • That would be sweet.

  • I feel like we have toe make this happen now.

  • I do love Texas.

  • I've been to like, every whole foods in Texas.

  • I love Bucky's the truck stop.

  • Maybe we'd like, shout out, you know, specific to Texas.

  • Things like beaver nuggets and bookies had a dream that Phoebe Bridges was my gynecologist and I went to her because I was laying eggs.

  • Let me know if you know what this means.

  • I understand why it would freak you out.

  • But in your dreams, that probably means I don't know, like you have some sort of connection toe like the animal world or something I don't know.

  • As a certified gynecologist myself, I'd probably just tell you you're fine or you could go home.

  • So I dreamt I was a support act for Phoebe Bridgers.

  • I did a spoken word recital of Avril Lavigne's Complicated.

  • It did not go down well, but Phoebe loved it.

  • That is exactly what would happen.

  • I love that song.

  • E c.

  • The way you're acting like somebody else makes me frustrated.

  • Mic drop.

  • I can never get it out of my head.

  • It sounds like he's saying fake assists in that song.

  • I don't think is a word, but like never gonna find you fake Assis.

  • So I need some intel on what we're about is I had a dream that I went to France and got my hair cut into a mullet by Phoebe Bridgers.

  • She did a surprisingly good job.

  • Damn all of these air me in the service industry in some way, which I really love.

  • I have been fantasizing about getting a mullet, but I feel like I couldn't pull it off.

  • Um, it sounds like something that I would do toe give it to somebody else instead of myself.

  • I have only given someone a haircut once, and it turned into a bowl cut, and then I was fired forever.

  • I did cut my own banks once in high school.

  • That was bad news.

  • Had a dream last night that Phoebe Bridges and I were hanging out and knitting human heads together.

  • So Happy birthday, Phoebe.

  • Knitting human heads together.

  • When I was a kid, I tried to knit a scarf and then got almost all the way through and then realized there was a mistake right at the beginning.

  • And then I just gave up forever.

  • So, um so human head knitting might be a little bit above my pay grade.

  • My boyfriend woke me up this morning and said he knew he loved me because he had a dream that Phoebe Bridgers asked him to make out.

  • And he said no because he had a girlfriend.

  • Is he stupid?

  • Yes, he's stupid.

  • I feel like I always have romance related dreams with people that I have never had a real life desire to make out with.

  • Like, I had a very confusing one about my very mean English teacher in high school.

  • Um, what about my bassist in high school?

  • Just Yeah.

  • So I never have hot sex dreams or kissing dreams.

  • I only have confusing ones, had a stress dream that my nudes leaked and woke up like Wait, real life is actually worse.

  • You posted this on March 16th, 2020.

  • Mm.

  • Oh, I literally at the end of that sentence.

  • I remember that.

  • Yeah, I had that dream and I had a nightmare where I got on stage and forgot how to play guitar on and then woke up and was like, But I was on stage, you know, like I would trade the worst dream reality for this.

and Phoebe Bridgers, and I'm about to read some dreams that people tweeted about me.

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Tweet Dreams w/ Phoebe Bridgers

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